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Our Favourite Simple Recipes for Baking with the Kids

Baking is an activity that anyone can get involved with - the Celebrity edition of the Great British Bake Off shows us that!


It can be a fun activity that everyone can enjoy and you'll end up with very yummy results. Not only this, but research shows that the process has a therapeutic value which can improve the mood. 

Regardless of age, there is always something for everyone to get involved with from shopping for ingredients to tasting the end result.

There are many skills your child develops from baking, following instructions (until they're good enough to start experimenting), working with weight and management, dexterity (and upper arm strength), and even critical analysis.

You can tailor baking to special diets, such as low sugar, gluten-free, lactose-free... there are so many great recipes out there, it's time you tried them. 

Getting children involved with baking from an early age and develop a love for it? Arguably there is no easier way to encourage them when it comes to their sweet tooth. Here are a few simple recipes to get you started:

1- Cake in a Mug

Looking for a short-cut? For kids who get a kick out of thinking outside the box, this is a quick and convenient one for those who like a sweet-tasting cake. Regardless of what it looks like, your little bakers will be pleased with the results! Follow this step-by-step recipe from Food Network by clicking here to find out how you can make yours from scratch! Alternatively, for those lazier days, why not give these brands a go by clicking here, or here. Once it's ready in the microwave, why not add some ice-cream to it to compliment the taste? 

2- Flapjack time!

Flapjacks are a good treat for snacking or even dessert, and you can make them as healthy as you want! It's quite a straightforward product to make, and only involves heating up all the ingredients (excluding the oats) until it all melts together. Click here to determine what ingredients are needed and the steps needed to follow.

3- Bee-themed Cupcakes

With summer fast-approaching, this recipe is especially appropriate. The design is also cute and bound to be a fun activity for kids to help prepare. You can add your own twists to it to make it a very personal endeavour, such as white chocolate chips, sprinkles or some orange peel zest. This recipe is inspired by Tesco, and you can find out the method of producing this product, here.

4- Mary Berry's Classic Fruit Cake


Keen on dried fruit? Then this is a perfect choice for you because this recipe involves a whole range of them, like currants, apricots and raisins to name a few! Although this particular cake does involve a lot more preparation beforehand (compared to the other suggestions), it is worth it and can be served to about 8 people which makes it a nice choice for certain special occasions! Click here to find out how you can make this cake!

5- Custard Tart 

Did you know that custard baked in pastry were very popular in the Middle Ages? This Tart recipe is inspired by professional baker, Paul Hollywood - who appeared as a judge on The Great British Bake Off! It can take up to 2 hours to collectively prepare and make, but it is a real treat as you can make up to 12 tarts (although, be sure not to consume them all at once!). Click here to see how it can be made!

Have a sweet time trying these suggestions!

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