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Our Favourite Ways of Staying Safe in the Sun

With summer around the corner, we're all hoping the clouds will clear and we'll have a gloriously sunny summer. The sun has many positive effects on people; for example, did you know that sun rays have been scientifically verified to improve our immunity? In addition, it can stimulate endorphins which are our 'feel good' hormones. It's because the sun doesn't always shine in the U.K., we tend to be drawn to it and worship it when it does arrive. The Sun once mentioned that the U.K. owns more convertibles than the rest of Europe... so you can see we're eager for the sun to arrive. But, it's important to be prepared by ensuring that you are your family stay safe.


Here's 5 ways you can stay safe in the sun:

Cover up!

When exposed to the sun, it's important to protect your skin. Covering up with clothing can be a good barrier. It may feel less than ideal to be wearing loads of clothing on a hot summers' day; not least due to not being able to gain a tan or due to the sweatiness involved. On the other hand, small considerations like wearing a hat or sunglasses can aid in preventing burns or irritations deriving from the sun. With small children, covering up is especially important as their skin is new and hasn't been exposed to the degree ours has as adults. Light flowing clothing or wetsuits as the beach can help keep them covered! 

Don't forget to wear your sunscreen

It is extremely vital to apply SPF of at least 30 to everyone; and remember to be generous with its application. It's been recommended that you reapply sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure its durability, but also after any sweat or coming out of the water. It goes without saying that sunscreens serve as a shield against the harmful UV rays which are inevitable whenever they meet the skin. Certainly, the benefits of doing so are in the long-term interest. There are many different kinds of sunscreen, so find one you like (i.e. not too greasy, spray bottles etc). It's also important to look out for advice from professional bodies such as the BAD, who know more about skin and skin care products.

Find shade wherever you go

Whilst it can be nice to be in the sun for most of the day, it's advisable to make sure you are not roasting. Thus, it's important to seek out some shade in a bid for you and your children, to restrict your direct exposure to the sun. It's been said that between 10am and 4pm, the UV rays are the strongest, and so this may be a time to consider finding some indoor space to be inside, or a tree to sit underneath! With kids, this is also a good shout for quiet time. They can experience heat exhaustion, so time to relax in the shade is particularly important. 

Drink lots of water

Drinking is a given on a hot day, but it's especially important to drink water when it's the sun is shining. This is because when we sweat we release some water content from our body which makes us dehydrated. Particularly, if you are active in such weather you can lose even more water content... So, drink up, and don't forget to encourage your child or children to do the same.

Solve your sun burn

While you will do everything you can to avoid you and your child or children getting a sun burn, according to the BBC news, about 50% of Britons still get sun burnt. If this happens, the NHS suggests using cool (not cold) water on the area of concern and applying aftersun or calamine lotion. If a child has a sun burn which is particularly painful, or develops symptoms of heat stroke, contact your GP or local medical facility. Importantly, seek medical attention if the burn is concerning you, some red flags, include: feeling unwell, skin blisters or swelling of the skin. It's also important to refrain from exposing yourself to the sun again until the redness has disappeared. 

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