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Our Favourite Ways to Enjoy the Heat Safely

Some summers we're lucky to get a few fleeting sunny days and an average temperature of 18 degrees, but when the hot weather decides to stay it's important to look at what you need to do to protect the children


It's not just the sunny weather that can take its toll, even a humid overcast day can leave the whole family feeling lethargic. Here's a few simple things to think about, for the children and those looking after them.

Keep everyone hydrated

It sounds simple, but keeping fluid levels up can be harder than you think. Trying to keep track of everyone's intake can feel almost draconian, but it's important. Having a bottle for each person in the family and filling them up in the morning is a good way to see if everyone's had their daily minimum.

Keep water on hand and freely flowing, be it from the tap or from bottles in the boot.

Water can feel monotonous so don't be afraid to mix things up. Make home made iced lollies with squash, or add melons to your shopping list. Having refreshing (water laden) options on hand will benefit everyone.

Outside but out of the sun

Don't fall into the habit of staying indoors all day just because it's hot and sunny. Find shady options at every opportunity. Most of us are guilty of choosing a sunny spot at the park, but in the continuous hot weather, set up camp in the shade so you can still enjoy the weather without getting burned.

Stay protected

Don't get caught without sun cream this summer. As a precaution apply it to everyone before you leave the house and set an alarm every two to three hours and reapply. If you are on the beach make sure to dry off and reapply frequently, and where possible, wear loose cotton clothing that covers the whole body. The extra layer of protection could protect you from dangerous rays. If the children are involved in sweaty activities like football, remember to towel off and reapply sun cream as well - sweat washes away the cream too.

Stay cool

From luke warm baths to cool compresses it's OK to take a few minutes out to bring down body temperatures. Have a fan on in a room where children are playing to keep the flow of air moving. Don't use really cold or frozen items as compresses or baths as the shock to the system can be dangerous. Luke warm water will cool them off slowly and effectively.

Think about your schedule

It's not always about what's convenient in the heat. Schedule movie dates for the hottest hours and high energy park visits for the mornings. Have quiet times where everyone reads a book or plays quiet games to keep them cool during the hottest hours. You may even find that the shady spot in the garden is cooler than inside the house.

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