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Our Favourite Ways to Make Bath Time Fun

Bathing young children can be a troublesome affair so make sure you try these tips to turn the bath time blues into a fun experience


Bath time with babies and toddlers can be a chaotic affair and even more so if you have more than one child - be it multiple children in the bath or organizing a bath time schedule. Often there is more water on the floor than in the tub, and while this is great fun for little ones, it does little to make the experience pleasant for parents. While it's important to make bath time fun for little ones, it's also important to preserve parental sanity, and with this in mind we asked the experts at Cuddledry for their top five ways to make bath time fun. Hopefully these tips with alleviate some of the stress too!

Invest in good quality bath toys

Most parents will tell you that bath time is a lot easier when little ones are occupied with toys rather than emptying the contents of the tub onto the floor. So investing in good quality bath toys is vital if you want to stay ahead of the game. Children learn best through play, and research has shown that behaviour improves when little ones are having fun- so a bath devoid of toys is never going to be a good idea when you have kids!

Good quality rubber toys make the perfect bath toy because they are made from natural rubber (so safe for little mouths to chew and easy for little hands to hold) and most importantly make sure you choose one that doesn't have hole at the bottom, which means no mould! Check your bath toys regularly for signs of wear/mould and rotate them often to keep things fresh. If you don't have toys, other implements from around the house will do - plastic jugs for pouring, hand whisks for frothing up bubbles, or sieves for sprinkling work just as well.

Give the little ones some independence

Parents of toddlers the world over will recognise the importance of this one. Hell hath no fury like a toddler who wanted to wash their own face! So let your little one take charge in the tub. Not only will this help to instill good hygiene habits, but it will help to foster a sense of independence and self-awareness too.

Play some music

If you have a waterproof radio in your bathroom, why not use it to provide a little extra stimulation at bath time? Alternatively, you can play music from another room, or sing your own songs. This can be particularly effective for little ones who aren't so keen on bath time, as studies have found certain styles of music can help to relax and calm. Keep it soothing, and encourage your little one to move their hands through the water in time to the music.

Change the colour of the water

Remember that babies and young children use their senses to explore the world around them, and bath time is such a fantastic opportunity for learning more. Use subversive lights to change the colour of the water, or even small amounts of food colouring can work just as well. And while we're on the subject of colours, bath crayons are a fantastic invention for budding little artists at bath time!

Make getting out of the tub just as much fun as getting in

When you've got the toys, the music and the ambient atmosphere, the next challenge is getting the kids out of the tub again and ready for bed. Now this is the part most parents find difficult! The key here is to be prepared. Have pyjamas laid out ready to go, have your little one's favourite story ready and maybe even a glass of milk or a snack waiting. Most importantly, have a super soft and gorgeously fun towel ready to wrap your little one up warm and dry! Fun toddler towels are perfect for this, and we have one to match every character!


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