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Our Favourite Ways to Spend Time with Your Children

The pace of modern life means that many parents don't spend enough time with their children. Here are some tips on how to spend more time as a family


Do you ever feel like there is never a moment to spare? That the week begins on a Monday morning and ends on a Sunday evening? That there is no time to breathe let alone spend time with your children. Some people feel guilty about this. Others have accepted it as fact... regardless you are not alone. Between work and activities and homework and everything else it's hard to find these precious moments but they're incredibly important. 

Here are a few ways to find these moments and savour them:

Read A Bedtime Story 

It can be all too easy for parents to rush their children up to bed and say a hurried goodnight in an effort to log back on to their own work, or dinner, or even so that they can grab an extra few minutes of alone time before bed too. Read them a bedtime story or 2 or 3  Not only will this soothe them into a restful sleep, it will give you a few more precious minutes together.

Eat Together 

If there is no other time for you to get together, then a family meal once or twice a week is a good way to spend some time in one another's company. Everyone needs nourishment, after all, so combining the evening meal, or a good breakfast, with the chance to have a discussion about how things are going is a wonderful idea. Everyone will need to ensure that they are present for the dinner. Screens should be set to one side and everyone should participate and engage. See what a difference it makes. 

Go For a Walk 

Most people need to take more exercise, and a 30-minute walk can do wonders. So why not take one with the whole family? It's a great excuse to get out of the house and just explore your local surroundings - when was the last time you did that? When was the last time you went for a walk that didn't have a particular purpose? Talk about what you see, and if you don't have answers, look up the information together when you get back. Remember to be present and leave your smartphone at home... or in your pocket.

Plan One Day Out Each Month

We know it's just not possible to take your family out every weekend for a fun excursion, but once a month is all that is really needed and there are lots of free days out so it doesn't have to be about money. Take it in turns to choose where you're going, and leave your differences at home. Start early and stay all day. Don't rush the day, you never know what you will discover. Everyone will look forward to these monthly fun days, and they'll make great memories. 

Find a Shared Hobby

If you find that you're always taking your children to one after school activity after another, why not find something you can do together? That way, not only will you get to stay and enjoy a class you'll spend time getting to know each other and learning something together. We promise you'll like it more than being a chauffer. It will give you more to talk about, and could open up some interesting conversations or future activities.  

Do Odd Jobs Together 

There is always something that needs doing around the house. Tightening a tap, painting a door, curtain hanging- the list is never ending. Rather than having your children in one room watching TV or playing by themselves, and you in another doing DIY - why not do it together? This will teach your children some useful life skills, and make them feel valued and special. After all, it's always a thrill to be treated like a grown up around the house, even if it doesn't last for long. 

Talk About The Past 

Every family has a history to, and in many families this knowledge is inherited. If they have never met their grandparents or great grandparents or even your favourite aunty, spend some time telling them about them. This is how people live on long after they have gone, and it's important for children to know where they come from and sharing these stories will bring you closer together.


Thank you to Little Lucy Willow for this insight.

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