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Our Favourite Nutritional Advice for Expectant Mums

When you discover you're pregnant, all sorts of things change, especially how you fuel your body


Not only are you eating for more than one, you are balancing your nutritional needs with the growing baby inside you and coping with the side effects of being pregnant at the same time.

We teamed up with Dr Emma, an expert in pregnancy nutrition and one of the faces behind Mumkind. Looking at your nutritional needs from preconception to after the baby arrives, Mumkind have lots of tips and advice for mums and even a few for dads.

Dr Emma, MumkindDr Emma says, "It is important to consider your nutritional intake through all the trimesters, so your body can meet the changing needs of the growing baby."

"For example, folic acid is important in the first trimester to help form the babies' spinal cord, while calcium is important in the third trimester to support the formation of the babies' bones".

Tips on pregnancy nutrition and diet

We asked Dr Emma, what her favourite things were to remember about nutrition when pregnant and she had the following advice and suggestions to offer:

  1. Eat small amounts and often to help stave off feelings of queasiness.
  2. Ginger is renowned for its anti-nausea effects, so make sure you have some to hand when you're out and about - lozenges are a convenient way to get a dose of ginger when your settled at home or out and about and can be placed subtly into your handbag.
  3. Make sure you get your folic acid. This is important when you're trying for a baby (to help build up your bodies stores) and in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy when the babies' spinal cord is forming (folic acid helps to support cell division). Ideally, you should take a daily supplement containing 400µg folic acid. Fortified foods and drinks can also help to top up your folic acid intakes, as it is difficult to get enough of this key nutrient from the diet alone.
  4. Make sure your daily supplement also contains vitamin D (ideally 10µg). It is difficult to get enough of this nutrient, as sunlight helps our bodies to synthesis it, which we don't get much of in the UK! Again, fortified food and drinks, can also help to top up your daily vitamin D intakes.
  5. Stay hydrated. It is important to replenish the fluids that have been lost after you have been sick to prevent headaches setting in. You are also building up a cushion of amniotic fluid around the babies, which is mainly all water. It's best to sip small amounts of water regularly throughout the day.
  6. Keep your energy levels up. B vitamins can help to give you an energy lift. Lean red meat, eggs and yeast extracts (such as Marmite) are all good sources. Mumkind have developed Water our Way as a water enhancing product containing B vitamins which can be added to water to give it a red berry flavour - helping you to hydrate while helping to top up energy levels!

Visit Mumkind for more tips and advice as well as to view their range of delicious, nutritionally balanced products - just for mums!

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