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Our Favourite Questions to Ask When You're Pregnant

Often new mothers-to-be can be afraid to ask questions because they think they are silly or that they should know the answer, or that they are going to be seen as a bad parent if they have to ask for help. None of these thoughts are true!


It's important to remember that every woman is different, as is every pregnancy. There are thousands of questions that go through the minds of mothers and fathers-to-be.

We've asked Elizabeth Hutton, Acting CEO of the charity Count the Kicks, to help identify some of the questions you should be asking.

Count the Kicks is a charity that helps soon to be mums feel confident in listening to their bodies and knowing when to ask questions because something seems out of the ordinary. By encouraging mums to be to ask questions, get to know their own body and your babies movements so that you can feel relaxed and at ease and start trusting yourself.

When you're pregnant...

Some of the most common questions that mums-to-be keep to themselves but should be asking out loud are:

1) How many movements should I be feeling?

A baby's movements are an indication of its' well-being so it is important to monitor them. There is no set number you should be feeling each day, but it is a case of learning your baby's pattern of movement and if you notice a change to this, either an increase or decrease you should contact your midwife.

2) When should I call the midwife?

Always call your midwife if:

  • You notice a change in your baby's pattern of movement
  • You have any itching or a rash
  • You have a temperature or fever
  • You have any pain including headaches
  • Your vision becomes blurred or you see colours or patches
  • Your hands or feet become swollen or painful
  • You have fluid loss or bleeding
  • You have pain passing urine
  • You have a bad feeling or feel uneasy in any way.

3) I have no symptoms, but...

... I have a gut feeling something is wrong, should I call the midwife?

Yes. Always trust your mothers instinct! It develops at a very early stage and will be with you the rest of your life. Mums always know best!

4) How much should I buy before the baby is born?

Though it's tempting to buy everything cute and adorable try and restrain yourself! Limit yourself to a couple of cute outfits and one or two toys. You will be amazed how quickly things accumulate as soon as the baby is born!

5) Should I exercise during pregnancy?

It is generally considered safe to continue with any exercise you were doing before you got pregnant, however it's best to avoid starting a new exercise regime during pregnancy unless advised by your doctor. This is because your muscles relax during pregnancy and you will be more prone to injuries.

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