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Our Favourite Reasons to Pre Plan Meals

If you find yourself spending too much time in the supermarket every week, never knowing what to make for dinner, pre-planning meals could be your solution


Not everyone is uber organised, or even likes knowing what they'll be doing for the week ahead - let alone what they'll be eating for the next 21 meals - but there are some serious pluses to planning your family's meals in advance.

Be it less time in a supermarket and more time in the kitchen, or putting a little money back into your pocket, different things motivate different people - but we also know that pre-planning meals will appeal to everyone for one reason or another.

Save time

How long do you and your family spend in the supermarket each week? In many cases families spend up to 30 minutes every day picking up bits and pieces for their upcoming meals - many buying their food on the way home from work.

This can add up to over 3 hours a week scouring the aisles for the items you need. While it may add to the steps you're counting, how many of us enjoy walking the same aisles every day? A few of you may enjoy it, but most of us would rather get the task over and done with. Taking the time once a week to wander each aisle will give you a chance to discover new things, shop the sales, and get all your shopping done in less than half the time you were spending before.

Save money

Even with the best intentions, when you shop on a daily basis, you aren't thinking about that tub of crème fraiche and what else you could use it for. Shopping for a week in advance means buying bigger quantities of things, and being able to take advantage of multi-purchase deals. Of course the amount of space you have in your fridge, freezer and cupboards does limit what you can buy, but making a list and shopping smart can maximise this space and the money you leave in your pocket.

If your family goes through the basics like there is no tomorrow, you can keep an eye open for when they're on sale and stock up. Those buy one get one free sales come up more often than you think!

Waste less

Thinking in advance also means you make the most of the ingredients you purchase - take that crème fraiche for example, rather than binning the second half after fajitas on Monday, why not save it for baked potatoes or chilli a few days later? Planning in advance means you'll be able to think about leftover nights, or what day of the week you can use the remaining vegetables for a soup or a little bubble and squeak! You may also find that buying in bigger amounts means making enough food to freeze for later (saving you even more time when you only need to heat up the meal next week).

Healthier options

When we shop on the day we tend to make choices because they are fast and simple rather than because they are the healthier option. We'll pick the ready meals or the quick fixes like pizza rather than what appears to be labour intensive options. That being said, if your fridge is full of healthy things, and you're looking to conserve your costs, you'll be more inclined to use what you've got.

Try different things

If you plan in advance and take the time to walk the aisles, you'll be amazed at what you'll find and what you decide you might like to try. If you bring your children along, let them help decide on the meals in advance or task them with planning a meal when you get to the store. If your little ones are very little you can get them to choose the brightest fruit or the most unusual vegetable, or if your little ones are old enough to think about money, give them a budget for the meal and see what they come up with.

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