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Our Favourite Summery Arts and Crafts

Now that summer is here and the kids are soon off from school, why not fill the day by keeping active and creating some nifty hand-made crafts


Being experts in childcare, we know the summer can feel like an eternity, but we also know that once the kids get stuck into an exciting activity, and put the electronic devices away, they can have a blast.

We combed the internet for our favourite summertime crafts, and here are this year's winners. Whether it's fun in the sun or combating the rainy day blues, these activities will give you the opportunity to spend quality creative time with the kids.

Paper based


This is a simple craft, with very few materials, but the end result is a 3D creation to be proud of. Look online and have the children try different species of whales, and once you've finished find a mantel for display or suspend them from the ceiling!

Dragon flies

If you haven't been redecorating lately and don't have the paint sample strips lying around, you can use this as a way to teach colour mixing! Start with a strong coloured paint and let the kids see what happens as they add more and more white. If painting the bodies yourself, make sure to use a card rather than thin paper.

Crazy glasses

Whether the kids are making a photo booth or putting on a dramatic production, a pair of silly glasses is a must! These patterns make things a little easier for you, and the kids still get to be creative. For an added treat, if you have any coloured plastic around the house, try making some real life rose tinted glasses. It's a great experiment for children to see how different colours change how they see different things. Just remember the coloured film won't stop any sunlight!

DIY construction


While building a life sized raft would be a massive feat, these clever boats are a good replacement... and will help teach them survival skills if they ever need them. If they're the kind of kids who'd like to test out their boats, be sure to substitute all paper elements with easily drying material and, depending on what water sources you have to float them on, a long string to keep hold of will prevent tears! For controlled trials, the bath tub is the perfect location.

Make your own sprinkler

For those hot days in the summer when everyone is at their wits end... a simple hose and bottle can be your saving grace. It's worth having some waterproof tape on hand to attach the two together, and in most cases having the adult drill the holes, but this sprinkler can provide hours of fun for everyone. We dare you to stay out of it if the sun's in full force!

Painting frenzy

Bubble wrap galore

Remember how addictive it was to walk on bubble wrap, the sensation of the popping bubbles under your feet? This craft takes that to a new level and leaves behind what can only be described as a master piece. We imagine the kids will get to know what it feels like to have gigantic feet!

Puffy paint

3D painting - who could ask for more! While these creations don't look like they will last long term, they are pretty amazing.

Try using an un-scented shaving cream, and be sure to give them an overnight to dry.

Blowing bubbles

Scented bubbles

For this recipe - try substituting the Karo syrup (corn syrup) for Glycerin - which you can get at the chemists. These scented bubbles just might smell good enough to eat... so be sure to have a chat with the kids before they inadvertently wash their mouths out with soap!

Bigger bubbles

This feels like a summer challenge... Be it between individuals or as a family goal - trying to create the perfect mixture and the perfect apparatus will come down to trial and error. The wind conditions should also be factored in!

Influenced by the sea

Lasting impressions

You all know that feeling you get when you want to immortalise a moment. This simple casting solution makes that possible. Be it a collection of children's prints or a family portrait, this will look classy in a frame on the wall.


Natural habitats

If you've been to the sea, the aquatic centre, or you've just got a child who loves the sea life, this homemade aquarium is a treat - and the best part is... you don't have to clean the tank! Use your imaginations as you create your under water scene. From fish to octopi, boulders to seaweed, you'll have fun fitting all the elements together.

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