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Our Favourite Sun Safety Tips

Summer's here and we all want to have some fun in the sun, but protecting our skin from harmful rays is as important as ever. We get some expert advice on the best ways to stay safe and happy in the sun


Many people joke about the summer never really making an appearance in the UK, but when it does, we're often not prepared!

  • Each year more than 8 in 10 skin cancer (malignant melanoma) cases are caused by too much sun exposure
  • Around 13,300 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year in the UK, that's 37 people every day
  • Almost a third (31%) of British adults are sunburnt in summer.

Protecting kids in the sun

Here at Tinies we know how important it is to protect both ourselves and the little ones we look after. So we teamed up with Casey Dunlop, Health Information Officer at Cancer Research UK, who says:

"Sunburn doesn't just cause tears before bedtime, it can be a sign of damage that lasts for a lifetime. We all need some sun for strong and healthy bones, but just like adults, children need protection from the sun too. Children with fair or red hair, pale eyes or freckles are most at risk of sunburn. But all children should be protected from too much sun even if they usually tan easily."

In all of our settings, we insist on proper sunscreen usage and make sure there are shade covered options when we play outside with the children. But as Casey points out, children are more likely to protect their skin if they see their parents using sun protection like shade, hats, clothing, and sunscreen. So don't forget about yourself - setting a good example is a great way to help them learn and get into good habits.

Top sun safety tips from Cancer Research UK

The best way to protect children's skin is by using a combination of shade, sunscreen and clothing such as a hat, t-shirt and sunglasses:

  • Spend time in the shade between 11am and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest. It's a good idea to encourage children to have breaks in the shade for a game or a cool drink
  • When the sun is strong, use clothing to cover up shoulders, back, tummy and legs. Wearing a t-shirt when children are playing means less faff re-applying sunscreen
  • Choose a wide-brimmed hat to protect heads and faces. The 'legionnaire' style hat, with a cloth flap that covers the back of the neck is great for children
  • Pick good quality sunglasses that provide UV protection - look for a sticker on the lenses that says this. Wraparound sunglasses are best as they provide the most cover
  • Sunscreen will never protect you completely, but it's a good way to help protect the parts you can't cover. It's important to apply it generously and regularly on exposed skin - choose one with SPF 15 or more to protect against UVB rays, and at least four stars to protect against UVA rays.

For more information on sun safety, visit Cancer Research UK.

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