Our Favourite Tips for Expectant Mums

Mums to be have a lot on their minds, but taking the time to de-stress and relax are important in making the pregnancy experience enjoyable


Every mum to be has a different experience of pregnancy, whether she embraces it with open arms, waits till she knows all is OK to celebrate or doesn't take to being a mum as fast as she'd like. But there are things every expectant woman can do to make the experience a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable.

Last week, we asked Dean Beaumont what advice he'd give to expectant fathers, this week he's back to give mums their own tips!

Dean, founder of The Natal Company, is also a father of one and husband to Sophie, his partner in crime. The Natal Company offers individual and group classes to mums, dads and couples but are firm believers that there is a right fit for each family and never take a one size fits all approach.

Top 5 tips for expectant mums

Take time to enjoy your pregnancy

We all experience pregnancy differently, but as it is such a special time that we only get to do once or twice, it is always worth making time to enjoy it and the closeness we have with our unborn baby. There are lots of ways to record and celebrate your pregnancy, so you can really find something which is unique to you.

Some more traditional ways of doing this might be keeping a pregnancy diary charting milestones and feelings, or simply just making time each day to rest and enjoy the sensations of baby wriggling around. If you are feeling a little more creative, bump photos also make a lovely momento to look back on or if you are feeling more adventurous, you could rope in your partner or a friend to help you make a bump cast!

Be flexible when thinking about your due date

Babies rarely arrive on their due date - so it can be incredibly frustrating if you focus on them arriving on this date and then they don't!

It's perfectly normal for a baby to arrive anywhere between 37-42 weeks, so your baby is not actually late if they haven't arrived by their due date. As the odds are that they will be keeping you waiting, why not plan a couple of lovely things to do in those last weeks of pregnancy - a nice pedicure, relaxing pregnancy massage, or trip to the cinema with friends.

Learn and practice relaxation!

Various research has shown that the more relaxed the laboring mum is during labour, the quicker and more straight-forward it can be, which is why learning techniques to aid relaxation in labour and birth is a very beneficial way of preparing for the big day!

Use the time during your pregnancy to prepare for your birth - don't just sign up for the antenatal classes that are free or that all your friends did - your birth is individual to you, so research what is available in your area and think about what type of birth preparation will best suit you - these days there is a lot of choice!

Get organised during your pregnancy

The chances are you will go into nesting-overdrive at some point towards the end of pregnancy which is a great opportunity to get prepared for life with baby!

While you might have an instinct to iron everything in sight or clean out that under-the-stairs cupboard, it's always a good idea to direct your energies towards the kitchen...

Having some meals in the freezer ready to be reheated once baby is here is really handy when you are still getting to grips with everything in those first weeks - do some batch cooking of essentials like cottage pie, chilli con carne or lasagna, and have them labeled and ready to be heated up when needed!

Think about what comes next!

This seems obvious, but it is common to spend so long thinking about the pregnancy and then the birth, that we forget to prepare for our new lives as parents.

Take the opportunity to sit down with your husband/partner before baby arrives and discuss what kind of parents you want to be and how you want to parent.

You may find some things that you agree on, and others that you don't - giving you an opportunity to research and explore your choices before baby gets here! This will get you off to a good beginning - starting as you mean to go on - as a team.

The Baby Show in London (25-27 Oct)

Tips for mums to be

The Natal Company will be offering a series of classes for dads and couples at The Baby Show, later this month.

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