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Our Favourite Tips on Teething

During the teething process, your baby is likely to be experiencing some discomfort. These teething tips will let you know how to spot the signs, and what to do to relieve the symptoms


As parents, we all love that cute gummy grin, and it becomes even more adorable when that first tooth pokes through! If you are lucky, teething will be a pain free experience for your baby. For some babies however, the experience can be extremely painful.

Given that the teething process involves the movement of teeth through gums on a newly developed jawbone, it is likely that your baby will experience some discomfort at some stage of the teething process.

Teething signs and symptoms

Symptoms include a slightly raised temperature, dribbling and drooling, a rash on the face, sore red gums, loss of appetite and constant chewing. If your baby is experiencing a high temperature, or any symptoms other than those you would expect, see your doctor.

Generally you will notice that your little one is more irritable, grumpy and restless, and unfortunately disturbed sleep is common for both baby and you!

How to help your teething baby

Here are some of tommee tippee's top tips to help make the teething journey a little easier:

A good teether can work wonders

Invest in a good teether

With a number of teethers to choose from, where do you start? Cold teethers are great for helping with sore gums. You can pop them into the fridge and take them out when your baby is in need. There is also a selection of fun toys available from most retailers.

Try cold or frozen fruit or veg

As with all sore swellings, the cold helps. A frozen carrot (large enough to avoid choking hazard) is ideal - you hold one end while your baby gnaws on the other.

Other cold foods you may want to consider include cucumber sticks, yoghurts and apple puree, while your baby's favourite drink frozen as a popsicle is also suitable. Avoid anything too acidic like lemon juice, as this will not help to soothe and can cause tooth decay.


Another common remedy for help with swelling is pressure. If your baby is teething, you will likely notice that they are desperate to apply some pressure to sore points on their gums.

This is where teethers come in handy; alternatively, you can always rub your baby's gums with a clean cold washcloth. Teething biscuits are another alternative.


Teething gels can be used for reliefSometimes chewing on things just doesn't cut it. There are many numbing and teething gels available to buy over the counter. Teething powders and gels can be applied directly to the gums for relief. Always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice.


One remedy for teething that is too often overlooked is distraction - keep your baby occupied. This is particularly effective, as babies tend to be easily distracted!

Reading your baby's favourite book, playing their favourite game, or simply taking them out for a walk or a drive in the car can help to keep their mind occupied on something other than the pain in their gums.

Offer a soother

Soothers can be comfortingSome babies may be comforted during teething by feeding. A soother can work well in between feeds to help ease the pain.

Dry the dribble

When babies are teething, dribbling is more common as the gums produce extra saliva in preparation for the teeth to cut through. This constant drooling can cause babies to come out in an angry red rash around their mouth.

The best way to deal with this is to have a supply of clean, dry bibs on hand and ensure baby's chin and area around the mouth is kept dry.

Massage the gums with your finger

Ensure you have clean hands and then lightly rub your finger along the gums to massage them for a couple of minutes.

If you try some of these strategies, hopefully the teething journey will be a lot less painful for both baby and you. Good luck!

The Baby Show

Tinies and Tommee Tippee are at The Baby Show

Tinies and tommee tippee will be at The Baby Show Olympia 2014 on 24-26th October. Visit the event website for more information and to book tickets.

To see the full range of tommee tippee teethers, please visit tommeetippee.co.uk, like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

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The measure of this was that Lottie (my bridesmaid and best friend's daughter who normally refuses to leave her Mum's hip if she's anywhere within a 2 mile radius!) actually went off with you! Please don't underestimate what an incredible achievement that was! I know you're all professionals and are therefore really good at knowing how to win the little ones over but Lottie is a particularly difficult customer.

I just want to thank you all so much.
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