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Our Favourite Uncomplicated Christmas Crafts and Baking to do With Children

If you find youself with a spare moment before Christmas, grab the kids, your craft gear and baking tins, and create some of these simple festive decorations


Christmas is right around the corner, and it's time to get creative by decorating the house and finding a personal touch for those last minute Christmas presents. This year, don't leave the crafting and baking to yourself, include the kids - not only will you keep them occupied and entertained, they'll have fun too.

We've gathered a collection of Christmas crafts and baking projects that are simple to do and will bring some fun to the action packed weeks leading up to the big day. We promise they don't require any extravagant purchases - and they're fun for all ages. 

Tree top treasures

Egg box tree

Egg box treesPut your old egg boxes to good use and create some fun Christmas trees at the same time! Children of all ages can help with the painting and decorating, but help from an adult might be needed when it comes to assembly. When finished, the trees can be used as decorations, or take the centre stage in your child's doll house.

Sweet candy ornamentSweet candy ornament 

These ornaments are quick to make and the children will enjoy working with the baked, soft candy. Just be sure to tell them that the candy is for decoration only, and not to be eaten! The decorations are also cheap, and it's not time consuming to make a large number of them.  

Delectable decorations

Button wreath 

Button Christmas wreathNeed a reson to clear out your sewing drawer? All that is required for this craft is a few green pipe cleaners, Christmas coloured buttons and a ribbon. The wreaths can be used as napkin rings, hung on the Christmas tree, or as gifts - and it's great for your children's hand-to-eye coordination.

Paper plate Christmas angel 

This angel is not very complicated to make,Paper plate Christmas angels doesn't require any hard to get materials, and it's suitable for all ages. Get out those spare paper plates you have left from the last children's party, and get decorating with your little ones! (For the younger children, flat angels might be easier to decorate, whereas older children have more fun with the 3D variety)

Popcorn cranberry garland 

Making a popcorn and cranberry garlandA classic garland, that's easy-to-make, and looks elegant. It's a decoration which looks as good on the Christmas tree as it does as a treat for the birds outside. This decoration might appear edible, but it's easier to sew the popcorn and cranberry together if the popcorn is at least a day-old. Maybe best to leave the snacking to the birds!

Snowy show stoppers

Mini Marshmallow Men 

While these Mini Marshmallow Men mightMini marshmallow men be a bit complicated for tiny hands, older children will find these simple yet fun. If drawing the face on the marshmallow with food coloring proves too difficult, you can use a food decorating pen. Served as an accessory to a cup of hot chocolate, or as a treat by themselves, these Marshmallow Men will add a wintery flare to any occasion.

Edible Christmas tree decorations

Edible Christmas tree decorationsRelatively uncomplicated and cool for the kids to decorate, these Christmas cookies can be hung on the tree, or given away as presents. Use cookie cutters, icing and silver and white candy to decorate. If you want to use them on the Christmas tree, remember to make a small hole in the dough for the ribbon before you bake the cookies!

Coconut squish cakes Coconut squish cakes

One of the great things about these cute cakes is that they require no baking, which makes them very child friendly. They look like little snow balls, and are the perfect size for a tasty little treat.

Prepping and presentation

3D Christmas cards

Hand made 3D Christmas cardsShop-bought Christmas cards can sometimes be a bit impersonal or boring. Get your children to help you make these 3D Christmas cards to send out to close relatives and friends. Making them is simple to master, looks impressive, and you can be sure relatives will appreciate receiving a handmade card!

Window star craft

Easy to make window star craft

Decorate your windows this Christmas with these easy to make Star Crafts. An adult or older child should be in charge of cutting out the different shapes, but children of all ages can glue them all together and experiment with different colours. If you have children who are a bit impatient or have short attention spans this speedy activity is perfect.

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