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Our Favourite Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Every year we look for a few of our favourite craft ideas for Valentine's day. Whether your child is making cards for the whole class or simply making a craft for a sibling or family member, a few new and inventive ideas never hurt


Love Worm

For the bookworm in your life, this simple craft can be put together by kids of all ages.  For the little ones, you might need to cut out a few hearts in advance, but as they get older a template or free form cutting just might do - if you can't find heart shapes. This can be done in different mediums - from foam to paper - depending on what you have on hand.

Simple but sweet

Sometimes less is more - if all you have around the house is paint and paper, your child's handprints will be the key to their Valentine's hearts. Get the children to dictate their own messages to create the heart - and if need be, tracing letters can be a good way to get them more involved.

Roses are red

For the sweet tooth in your life, this is an easy win, that shows heart and creativity. These are a good option for those who don't like baking, and they're simple - the hardest part will be finding the right colours of cups and stopping yourself from sampling the lollypops.



If you have lots of windows that let in the morning and afternoon sun, these nifty crafts will look great in groups or individually. You can stick with traditional red and pink colours for this craft - or go out on a limb and make them in a rainbow of options.

Colour me happy


If you've got lots of crayon ends hanging around, this is a great way to get them back into action - or you can use new ones! These are a great gift for children, and an alternative to chocolates. What are you waiting for?

Paper weights

This is simple and pretty - but if you have a thing about glitter getting everywhere, this may not be the craft for you. This one can be a few step process; start by getting the children outside, finding the perfect shaped rock. Once they are clean and dry, it's GLITTER TIME!

Wearing your heart on your...

We found this bag, and loved it - the bag is just the beginning!  This idea could be transferred to cards, t-shirts, bookmarks, the list goes on. It's simple and doesn't require the crafter to be exact, which is a plus. This is a great idea for families or for small groups of children.

Light of your life

You can't go wrong with hearts and flames when it comes to Valentine's! If you happen to have heaps of glitter lying around this is a sweet craft, that looks semi-professional when you're done. Make sure to use a drop sheet if you want to limit the extent of the glitter bomb that is about to ensue.

Heart on hand

These 3D cards are prety and will take pride of place on the mantle, or counter. Use different hands to make a forrest of love heart trees. These are easy crafts for the little ones, and don't leave too much mess behind - no glitter required.



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