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Our Favourite Valentine's Crafts for Children

Celebrating Valentine's this year doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming - and your children can easily be included in this celebration of love through making these crafts together


Over the years, Valentine's day has become very commercial, so why not make this years celebration of Saint Valentine more personal. Adults and children can celebrate the day together by writing letters or cards or making small gifts that they can give to parents, friends or family, to show that they are appreciated and loved.

We have pulled together a few crafts that children of all ages can participate in, whether you wish to make some decorations for the house or give your children the opportunity to make a present.

Crafts for kids at Valentine's

Butterfly magnetButterfly magnet

Having an extra magnet on the fridge to hold up your children's artwork, important letters and other information is always handy.

This Valentine's themed butterfly magnet made from hearts is simple to assemble and cute. With a little help, your children can make a couple that they can give to friends or family, or that you can keep yourself and use to decorate the fridge.

Heart and lollipop flowers Heart and lollipop flowers

These sweet flowers contain all the qualities you want from a craft: they are quick to make, inexpensive, and they can be appreciated by both children and adults. All you need is some construction paper and a few lollipops.

Your children can give them to their friends, adults can give them to their children, or maybe your children can gift them to a teacher or parent that loves sweets.

Tissue paper heart toddlersTissue paper heart

Most toddlers love doing crafts, and they are great for building fine motor skills and encouraging creativity. This tissue paper heart is simple enough for even the youngest toddlers to make, but older children can also have fun creating their own hearts this way.

Once finished, the craft can be made into a Valentine's card, other elements can be added like glitter or stickers, or simply can be hung on the wall.

Toddler Valentine'sToddler Valentine's craft

This is another simple but effective craft that toddlers can do, using only toilet rolls and red paint. After an adult forms the toilet roll into a heart shape, young children can easily grip the roll and make as many heart prints they want. Using different objects to make prints is a great way for toddlers to explore their creativity. You can let them mix different colours and print different shapes, just make sure you are using a type of paint that washes off easily, and that they are wearing an apron, or you both might get covered in paint!

Hearts on a string Heart on a string

Hearts are at the centre of most Valentine's crafts for a reason: they look great, they are relatively easy to shape, and there's a million ways of adorning them and using them as decorations. Using this craft idea as a basis, you can use material you have left over from other craft projects and let your children make their own unique Valentine's hearts that you can string up, give away, or make into cards.

Valentine's for the birdsValentine's for the birds

Winter can be a difficult time for many birds. If your children are fond of animals, you can to do something nice for your neighbourhood songbirds this winter by making this craft together. Make sure the popcorn is unsalted and unsweetened as salt and fatty popcorn aren't just bad for humans. Let it go stale for a couple of days to make it easier to string into heart shapes. If you hang up the treat within view of your house, this could also be an opportunity to teach your children the names of the different bird species that visit for a snack.

Tiny Valentine's Tiny Valentine's

Making these tiny Valentine's treats could be a great way of recycling old matchboxes, and the result is adorable. Your children can help out by finding ways to decorate the boxes in as many ways as possible, and find things to put in them. Sweets, nuts, or other small snacks are just some ideas, or a nice - but small - Valentine's card. Or maybe your children would like to give a tiny Valentine's present to their favourite doll or cuddly toy? Let your children exercise their imagination and unleash their creativity.

Valentine's sun catcher

Valentine's sun catcher

The days are finally starting to grow longer and what better way to enjoy some precious extra moments of sunlight than with a home-made sun catcher? Sun catchers are easy to make and require little material. Using a heart-shape as a starting point, your children can experiment with adding different colours, and maybe shapes to hang underneath the main heart. A Valentine's themed sun catcher could be a nice present for someone in your child's life, or it can be hung in your kitchen window or in your child's bedroom.

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