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Our Favourite Way to get Children Moving

From keeping your little one's active to building some much needed confidence, we discover why having a good ol' dance is great for your kids


Between Facebook banning adverts that contain images with a negative body image, and reports of worrying levels of obesity in children, it seems to be a bleak future ahead! However, getting the youngest generation active doesn't have to mean involving them in competitive sports from the cot.

After a high octane conversation, we teamed up with Anne Marie, founder of diddi dance, to give you a few tips on how to get your toddlers to show you their moves.

Passionate about getting the under 5s moving, Anne Marie loves teaching dance, and feels it's the perfect way of getting toddlers physically active.

The benefits of physical activity for kids

With obesity levels in the under 5s at a record high, encouraging physical activity from an early age is key. It must be fun and engaging though, so they really enjoy it.

A child's development between 0 and 5 is rapid and has a major impact on who they will develop into later in life - it's that age where we can help them set healthy habits for the future. Being physical helps them develop co-ordination, balance, motor skills and fitness levels.

Picking an activity

As we all know, every child is different and enjoys different things. It's important to find something they enjoy doing naturally. Therefore see what they like doing at home in a comfortable environment.

Do they throw things? Run a lot or dance to music?

Anything physically active should be encouraged and developed in a safe way, especially those indoors - after all, you want to keep ALL of your treasures intact.

Everyone can dance

Dance is a great non competitive way of being physically active. It not only encourages physical fitness but also helps with creativity through expression and rhythm. Dance can help develop emotions, especially before their speech is fully developed; children can move in a way they cannot yet verbalise, so encourage them to feel free and let go!

Having a boogie is great fun too... Moving to music is a natural process - research has found that even babies dance to music on instinct so nurture that and their confidence will build.

Get children involved

Dancing with your child at home is great fun. Put on yours or your child's favourite music and let go with a jump, spin, wiggle, wave and shake. This will release endorphins for you too, engage your brain, and make you happy - so imagine what it releases in your child.

Try new things

Once you're feeling confident at home, why not try a local class? Its great being physically active at home, but other people can motivate us in different ways - and everyone has different moves they can teach you.

Being part of a group is great for your little one's socialisation and confidence. They may be shy to start, but with a fun session, an engaging session leader, and having you with them, their confidence can grow very quickly. Any anxieties will fade and they will develop into confident, sociable children, making the transition into school a smoother one.

Try a free dance session near you

To give a fun dance session a go, simply visit diddi dance for your closest class, and contact the local leader to book a free trial.

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