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Our Favourite Ways to Establish a Morning Routine

Leaving the house on time can seem like an uphill battle when the kids are involved, whilst taking the 'drill-sergeant' role may not appeal to many parents, but there's hope in sight. We look at how to make your morning schedules slick and simple


Either you're a morning person or you're not. However, once you have kids, "not" is no longer an option. Getting yourself ready to start the day and getting everyone else off to nursery, school or wherever they need to be, sometimes requires nearly militaristic planning.

As with any routine, once it becomes routine, it's... well... routine!

Top tips for a smooth-running morning ritual

1. Plan ahead

Benjamin Franklin famously said, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today." While he probably wasn't specifically talking about packing sports kit, it's a good motto. Embrace it and live it. Pack any kit, lunches or school bags and leave them near the door the night before (note - lunches may need to stay in the fridge). The less you're scrambling to do last minute, the better.

2. Get up early

Having enough time to breathe in the morning makes you less stressed as you rouse the troops for another day.

3. Have uniforms and clothes at the ready

The beauty of the school uniform is there's no guesswork, if there isn't a uniform, make a uniform. Remember outfits that work and everyone is happy with. Leave them out neatly folded or hanging out the night before.

4. Have a system

Before the others are up, do what you need to do. Get as much done on your own as possible - wash your face, or have a shower on your way to the kitchen, get a coffee, enjoy a minute of silence. Then start waking the others when necessary, you'll know who needs more time. Just keep it the same so you're on auto-pilot and avoid any faffing that could occur when you're drowsily thinking about what to do next.

5. Give everyone a job(s)

Can the big kids make their beds? What about setting the table or even taking out the food they're having and getting everything as ready as possible? You might even have them set the table the night before.

6. Set timers

Have a bell that goes when it's time to brush teeth and head to breakfast. This will eliminate you having to shriek instructions throughout the house, which is much nicer for everyone.

7. Departure

Sounds simple, but know exactly what time you need to leave.

Know when you need to be doing things and always factor in an extra 10 minutes for lost items or loo breaks. Better to be early than late!

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