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Our Favourite Ways to Keep Control of Your Playroom

Often containing hundreds of toys, it doesn't take much for a playroom to descend into chaos. We have some tips to help you keep it organised


Playrooms can be a source of great enjoyment, but a badly organised playroom can lead to many headaches, backaches and stubbed toes. It's time to take back control of this space and make it a happy environment for everyone.

Having seen many a playroom, here are a few simple tactics that can be applied across the board to make your playroom somewhere both you and your children want to spend time.

Shelving and storage

The first thing to think about is: do you have enough shelving and storage? And, are they at a height that your children can reach? Many playrooms have one set of shelves that reach from floor to ceiling - being honest, how high can your child really reach? Those high shelves are great for toys and activities they will grow into, but not great for the things they play with every day.

Make sure you have enough low level shelving to house all of the toys they play with regularly. On top of having enough shelves, make sure that each toy has a home, whether it's a basket, a bin or a place on a shelf. Knowing there is somewhere for it to go back to makes it easier to keep tidy.

Let the kids help choose where the different toys should go - you'll find they have a reason for choosing the locations they do. And you'll find that if they help put things together they will have more of a sense of pride keeping it tidier.


Depending on your child's age, you can use words or images to remind your children where things go. This helps them remember where it belongs, and puts them in good stead for keeping their rooms tidy in the future.

Limit the toys

This can be hard as children dip in and out of interest levels with different toys, but it's good to have a clear-out once or twice a year where you get rid of the toys no one has played with to make room for the ones that arrive around birthdays and Christmas. It's up to you what happens with the toys - storage for those planning another child, a yard sale for the entrepreneurial or a trip to the charity shop for the charitable.

Have a schedule

Limit how many toys your child has to keep your playroom tidy

By this we don't mean plan every minute of play down to the last detail, instead we mean set a precedent that once your child finishes playing with a game or toy, it's put away before the next one comes out. This might get a few eye rolls at first, but once they get into the swing of things it becomes common practice.

While this will help, it's also good to have a tidy on a regular basis, just to sort out the things that have found a new home. The stray piece of Lego, the dolls clothes in with the figurine, if you stay on top of it the task is not too daunting.

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