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Our Favourite Ways to Save Money on Children's Clothes

Raising children costs a lot of money, but with a few tips you can spend less and save money on just about everything; even shopping for children's clothes!


We've all heard the statistics: it apparently costs over £222,000 to raise a child to the age of 21, and almost £11,000 of that is spent on children's clothes. As children grow, their bodies change and they need new clothes, but how new and where you source them from can drastically change your budget.

While saving money can be common sense, when it comes to our kids we don't always take a step back and think logically. We've pulled together a few great tips that, when combined, can put the pounds back into your pocket.

Top money saving tips: children's clothes

Don't shop for children's clothes on impulse

Everyone is guilty of picking things up when they're out; whether it's a sneaky chocolate bar at the checkout or a new outfit for the kids.

Remember that impulsive purchases add up. Making a list before you venture out helps to keep your spending to a minimum, and also gives you time to think about which items you really need and where the most cost effective place to purchase them is.

Browse the Sales for Children's Clothes

Browse the Sales for clothes

Whether you're shopping for last minute items or thinking in advance, the sales are a great place to find bargains. While fashions change from season to season, there are essentials that you know your children will always need.

It can be hard to know how much your child will grow in a year, but going a size or two bigger is likely to work in your favour. If you need something last minute, check the sale racks first!

Buy gender neutral children's clothes

You might already be planning to have more than one child or you may end up making the decision further down the line, but choosing gender neutral clothes means you can pass them on more easily. From the colours you choose to simply sticking with trousers and tops, you'll get more use out of the clothes. You can always choose to accessorise in the colours that your child likes!

Discounted items aren't just for the Sales

Sales happen from time to time, but some websites and shops specialise in discounting name brands every day of the year! Be it sporting equipment or clothes for all ages; this season's brand name items are available. Why pay full price for something lovely when you can get it for less?

Promo codes and discount vouchersPromo Codes for Children's Clothes

Some of the pesky junk mail items that land through your letterbox might just have their use! Keep an eye out for discount vouchers, especially those that can be used on top of already-discounted items.

If you're shopping online, Google the company you're shopping at to see if there are any discounts available that you weren't aware of.

Hand me arounds, not hand me downs

The phrase 'hand me down' has an instant negative connotation attached to it, but reusing children's clothes from friends and family is definitely a good tip and means that the clothes have an extended lifespan.

You could start it with a local circle; have a clothes swap, and find other parents in your child's school who have children a year or two older than you. Swapping clothes means not having to pay for brand new ones, leaving more money to spend on other things.

Charity shops may cost money, but if you're buying clothes that are gently used, it'll cost less and you'll know that your money is supporting a good cause.

Survey your assets

When you pack away clothes for the winter, label them as carefully as possible and remember to check them before you head out to the shops. Get the kids to try things on; don't just eyeball what will and won't fit - you might be surprised at what's already available to you!

Buying and selling children's clothes

Whether you're buying or selling, sites like eBay allow you to buy gently used items as well as to sell your own. Make sure you ask the seller a lot of questions if you're uncertain about anything, and don't be afraid to return the item if it's not in the same condition as advertised.

Big is goodBuying a Larger Size in Kids Clothes

It's not nice to have clothes that resemble sacks or to be tripping up on your trousers constantly, but some items can be purchased in larger sizes to save you money.

Winter jackets and raincoats are perfect examples. Buying a size larger than your kids need this year means that - unless they undergo a large growth spurt - you should get at least two years' wear out of the items.

Avoid the 'cute' factor

How often are you guilty of buying something because it's 'cute' or 'adorable'? Most of us have done once or twice but, beware, it does add to costs. Cute items are rarely the ones that are discounted, and they're often by the till just waiting for that impulse buy!

Repurpose clothes

This isn't possible with every item, but some clothes can have their lifespan extended if you get creative. Whether you cut trousers to make shorts or take the feet off pyjamas and baby sleepers for little tootsies to escape, you'll be able to use them longer.

Use, don't abuse

We all know that children's clothes are very likely to end up stained, torn, and caked with mud, but that's just kids being kids!

Take care of children's clothes by treating stains as soon as possible, washing them in cold water, hanging them to dry or using a cold dry cycle will all help towards their longevity. Reinforcing the insides of elbows and knees will also help with stretching out life span. And don't forget about weather-proofing footwear.

Chip in for brand names

Take Care of Children's Clothes

As your kids get older they're more likely to ask for specific clothing, but it's important to note that if they need a pair of jeans, they'll want the brand name ones. Offering to contribute to the brand name ones and getting them to pitch in the rest can help limit your costs. It'll also help them realise the value of the items they're wearing.

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