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Job Reference:
Type of Position:
Nursery Manager
Chesham, Bucks
£33,750 yearly GROSS
Start Date:
Job Posted:
Temp / Perm:
Full / Part:
Full Time
Typical Hours:
This is a 41.5 hour per week post, but may require additional hours to ensure the role is fulfilled.
Level 4 or above Childcare Qualification

Full Time Nursery Manager Job in Buckinghamshire

Job description

To lead the nursery under the direction of the nursery proprietor, ensuring staff adhere to all the policies and practices. To ensure all care for and develop children in the nursery ensuring high quality experiences and a high quality service to parents.

Responsibilities include:

•To ensure the smooth daily running and administration of the nursery, adhering to the Policies & Procedures and compliance with the Children Act, Health and Safety legislation and within the guidelines of Ofsted and the National Standards.
•To be the 'lead' professional, acting as a role model demonstrating excellent practice so that expectations are set for all staff, modelling policies and procedures and ethos.
•To ensure a safe, happy, stimulating environment is provided for all children.
•To ensure all children receive quality care and their development is suitably promoted with an outcome that all children make good progress in their learning and development.
•To undertake all daily management tasks to ensure the nursery runs smoothly. This includes such tasks as ensuring staff rotas are in place/ staff informed, ratios met at all times and children's attendance is recorded. Rotas to be completed and handed to the owner.
•To record all staff and children's attendance on Parenta.
•To ensure the smooth running of the daily practices, ensuring practices and policies are followed; including ensuring paperwork is completed to a good standard.
•To hold a key and be responsible for opening and locking up of the nursery in accordance with opening hours, enlisting help from other members of the management team as required. Ensure all security systems are turned on and off as necessary.
•To take calls from staff and organise cover of staff as necessary. To hold return to work interviews and closely monitor staff attendance. Inform the owner of any problems.
•To ensure good parental relationships, by meeting and greeting at least three times a week at the beginning or end of the day. Ensure good daily handovers and liaise between all key workers and parents. Ensure 'scrap' books are used well by practitioners. To answer promptly all queries from parents.
•To take enquiries and conduct show rounds for new parents in the owner's absence.
•Contribute to the registration process with all new parents/ families, including introducing them to the key worker to complete the 'me, my family and my learning' profile. Create allergy posters, peg labels etc for new starters, ensuring all relevant people are informed of key information.
•To produce and distribute the monthly newsletters and give materials to the owner for updates for the website.
•To lead a team of staff, including contributing to staff induction and professional development training so that they are suitably well trained to perform their duties. To supervise the chef and cleaner, ensuring food hygiene and cleanliness standards are maintained and promoted.
•To monitor practice and staff performance at least monthly to ensure good interactions, practice, planning and assessment of all children in each room, ensuring educational programmes are well planned and appropriate to children's needs and interests.
•To plan Continuous Professional Development informed from monitoring, feedback and evaluation. It must meet children's needs, the nursery needs and individual staff development needs.
•To lead and implement the supervision and appraisal system for all staff. Ensure all underperformance is tackled and the owner is informed on a weekly basis.
•To deal with all staff queries and issues, liaising closely with the proprietor in the use of the complaints policy or any of the human resources policies.
•To act as and organise others to be Named Coordinators relevant to their skills or training, covering all key areas. Ensure they are sufficiently well trained to carry out the roles and responsibilities given.
•To add to stock request lists.
•To work to ensure compliance with the Children Act and within the guidelines of Ofsted and the National Standards.
•To ensure all Learning and Development practices are excellent, that children's needs are met and they are progressing to their full potential.
•To ensure all Safeguarding & Welfare practices and requirements are met and implemented by all staff. To act as one of two Designated Safeguarding Officers for the setting.
•To promote equal opportunities for all children and staff with regard to their religious persuasion, racial origins, gender, disabilities, cultural or linguistic background; in particular, challenging situations where racism or discrimination are displayed. Any incidents should be reported to the Proprietor.
•Ensure there is a culture of 'safety' by rigorous implementation of Safeguarding, Recruitment and Health & Safety practices. Ensure all incidents and accidents recorded, and ensure that only designated staff administer medication and action taken where necessary.
•To ensure good relationships with external agencies to ensure children's needs are met; necessary information is shared and their input valued and used to improve the nursery.
•To ensure confidentiality is maintained in the nursery.
•To assist the proprietor in staff recruitment process e.g. observing candidates with activities/ children.
•To lead staff supervision meetings, staff training sessions and room leader meetings.
•To update monthly and implement all actions on the Business/ Improvement Action Plan. To evaluate impact to the children.
•Review all policies and practices regularly.
•To organise regular parents' evenings and events, and children's outings.
•To attend and report on areas of responsibility in weekly management meetings.
Areas to report on include: Key practice and performance issues including priorities and actions completed and planned; monitoring of practice findings and Business Action Plan Updates/ staff meeting agendas; any key issues with children or families.
•To take over duties from time to time and as requested by the proprietor, such as show rounds and registration, payroll and invoicing.

Person Specification:

•To have a Level 4 or above Childcare Qualification
•Current First Aid Certificate (for young children/ adults)
•Current Safeguarding Children Certificate


•To have a minimum of five years experience of caring for babies/ young children ensuring good, appropriate behaviour and offering high quality provision, care and delivering high standards of learning and development .
•To have a minimum of three years experience of working with and/ or leading other adults in a team.
•To have experience of developing staff/ leading training/ leading induction, supervision and appraisal systems.
•To have experience of developing good working parental relationships.
•To have experience of implementing core policies, such as Safeguarding, Equality and Health and Safety.
•To have implemented key policies across different settings and contexts.
•To have experience of observing and assessing children and planning for their needs.
•To have experience of implementing the EYFS, SEN code of practice, Safeguarding policies and practices (including completing CAF's) and of working with a range of external agencies.
Skills and Knowledge
•To know how babies and young children develop and learn and be able to care for them and mentor others to do so.
•To know development steps in child development ensuring all children make good progress in their learning and development and be able to engage and stimulate babies and young children in play.
•To know, understand and implement the Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.
•To have sufficient understanding and use of English to ensure the well- being of the children and be able to keep records in English, liaise with agencies, summon emergency help and understand a range of written instructions on medicines, food hygiene and in respect to safety.
•To know, understand and implement and SEN code of practice.
•To know Safeguarding practices and be able to work with external agencies to ensure the best possible provision and outcomes for children in the nursery.
•To know and be able to keep children safe and healthy.
•To know and understand principles of equality and how to implement these in your daily practice, with children and staff.
•To know how to teach and encourage positive, good behaviour and deal with any issues sensitively and appropriately.
•To know and understand general parental concerns and be able to form good relationships with parents to ensure the best outcomes for the child.
•To know and understand how to positively manage a staff team so they feel valued and are all performing well.
•To be able to implement and model best practice at all times adhering to the key policies and practices.
•To know and be skilful in how to observe children and plan next steps in their learning, and be able to support other do be able to do this.
•To be creative in planning a range of suitable, fun, stimulating activities for children.

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Branch details for this job

Tinies Buckinghamshire
Suite 5 & 11 Suffolk House
The Green
Wooburn Green
Bucks HP10 0EU
01628 522 212

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