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Looking for the perfect childcare solution? Tinies is here to help! As the largest network of childcare recruitment agencies in the UK, with support from your local agency, we offer nanny and babysitting services tailored to your needs.

Our consultants guide you through the hiring process, ensuring you find the ideal childcare. They interview all candidates and follow a strict recruitment process, ensuring only the most reliable and skilled professionals are selected. Safety is our priority.

Whether you need care for babies, toddlers, or school-aged children, our experienced teams are ready to support your family. 

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Why Choose Tinies?

Since 1975, we’ve been delivering exceptional childcare for families. We recruit a wide range of childcarers, including nannies, nanny housekeepers, nannies with newborn experience, babysitters, and more. With decades of experience, we know what high quality, safe childcare looks like to ensure your peace of mind and a smooth and effective service.







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What We Offer

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Live-In Nanny

A live-in nanny resides in the family home, with a private bedroom or private living quarters in an annex as part of their compensation package. They offer comprehensive childcare, including supervision, meal preparation, and overnight care when needed. They may work as sole charge or shared care if a parent is at home. 

Live-Out Nanny

A live-out nanny does not reside with the family. They commute to the family’s home to provide childcare services during specified hours, and they do not stay overnight. They may be sole charge or shared care if the parent is at home. 

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After-School Nanny

An after-school nanny cares for children once they finish school, for a minimum of 4 hours. Their responsibilities will include collection from school or nursery, helping with homework, engaging in recreational activities, taking the children to extra curriculum clubs, preparing snacks, and ensuring the children’s safety until the parents return from work. 

Nanny Housekeeper

A nanny housekeeper combines their childcare responsibilities with household management tasks, that relate to children in their care. In addition to caring for the children, they also handle housekeeping duties, such as cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation to maintain an organised and well-functioning household. 

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Nanny with Newborn Experience

A nanny with newborn experience specialises in caring for infants. They will have experience in caring for newborn babies and may have specialist knowledge in relation to feeding, sleep routines and developmental activities for the baby. 

Proxy Parent

Proxy parenting involves a nanny temporarily taking on the role and responsibilities of a parent who needs to travel or be away for work, ensuring the child’s routine remains uninterrupted. This includes making decisions on behalf of the parents and providing comprehensive care during their absence. 

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Nanny Share

A nanny share involves two or more families mutually sharing a single nanny who cares for the children from both households. This arrangement is often cost-effective for the families involved and provides social interaction for the children. 

When doing a nanny share please consider that both families would have to assume joint employer status to the nanny.

International Nanny

An international nanny provides childcare services to families living in abroad or frequently travelling. International nannies adapt to diverse cultural environments, offering their expertise in child development, safety, and well-being. They play a crucial role in supporting families with their childcare needs while navigating the challenges and opportunities. 

Our specialist Tinies International agency can support you with your permanent placement needs.

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A babysitter offers short-term childcare, typically in the evenings after 6pm or weekends, for families needing a safe and experienced childcarer. Babysitters supervise children, engage in play, read bedtime stories, and ensure their safety while parents are away for a few hours. They do not provide structured developmental play or overnight care. 

How We Support You

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How We Support You

Payroll & Insurance Services

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Nanny Tax & Nanny Matters, Your Payroll Providers

As a nanny employer, you are responsible for payrolling your nanny and ensuring that the relevant deductions are made from your nanny’s gross salary and paid to HMRC. 

At Tinies we work closely with two specialist childcare payroll companies: Nanny Tax and Nanny Matters. These payroll companies can provide you with a fully comprehensive payroll service for your nanny, as well as advice and full legal support relating to the employment and pay of your nanny. Working through Tinies you also benefit from discounts on these services.

Morton Michel, Your Childcare Insurance

Our top priority is and will always be the safety of our families and childcarers.

When you become a direct employer of a nanny it is important that you have Employer Liability insurance in place. Morton Michel is the UK’s leading childcare insurance specialist with over 56 years’ experience. They can offer tailored policies, excellent service and competitive premiums.

Morton Michel’s Employers’ Liability Insurance policy provides protection for parents against damages and legal costs that arise as a result of claims for an employee suffering an injury or disease arising out of and in the course of their employment, where the employers are held legally liable.

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