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A word from Shirly, our Tinies UK Childcarer Champion 2021

Learn more about Shirly Biando, Tinies Childcarer Champion 2021


How did you first learn about Tinies?

I first learnt about Tinies from a friend and then on Facebook.

How did you feel about being the winner of the Tinies Childcarer Champion 2021 award?

Being the Tinies Childcare Champion 2021 gave me happiness and purpose in life. It was overwhelming to be recognised for doing the job that I do. It really was a big deal for me. And to think there are a lot of wonderful hardworking women in Tinies, I am so fortunate to have been chosen. This award will make me proud for the rest of my life. Thank you again, Tinies.

If you can describe working at Tinies in 3 words, what they would be and why?

Three words I can say working with Tinies?

  1. A) Flexibility – because we are able to choose the days and times we wanted to work.
  2. B) Support and communication – our consultant is always ready to listen to our concerns and give good pieces of advice.
  3. C) Paperwork and benefits – we have proper work documents like payslips, P60, holiday money, and sick leave.

Can you share with us a funny/nice memory at work with Tinies?

I think, one of my funniest moments is when my Tinies consultant, contact me and told me that she was having trouble explaining to nursery managers that with all the requests and options I had, she didn’t know where I wanted to go yet. And it was kind of a hard question, so I ended up telling my consultant that I was leaving the choice to her good decision.

The second one is when I went to a nursery and met some of our Tinies practitioners. One of them asked me “Where I have been?”, I said that I had been everywhere and asked, “Why?”. They said that “Everywhere we go, everyone is looking for you!”. This is a really nice memory for me.

What would it be if you can give one piece of advice to become the Tinies Childcarer Champion 2022?

The piece of advice I can give to the new Tinies Childcarer Champion 2022 is “do your job with purpose”. Nothing can compare to the happiness you can get from free hugs, kisses and cute smiles from little people. It’s priceless, our work is not only a job, it’s more than that. Yes, it is exhausting, draining, and hard, but can be very rewarding.

The role that we have in the everyday life of children is so powerful, and if you pay attention, it creates lots of love and care. Being their temporary friend, auntie, big sister, or mom (depending on how you see yourself in this role) it’s magic. It gives smiles on our faces even when we are back in our own homes.



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