Nanny Induction

When you hire someone to look after your children in your home, you owe it to the nanny, and to yourself, to have a very clear picture of exactly what the nanny's duties will involve

If this nanny is taking over from a previous nanny, it is a good idea to have a week or two handover. Or as the employer you may need to take a week off to settle the nanny in with your children and home.

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Some areas to think about when you're inducting your new nanny:

Your children

1. What are their likes and dislikes?

  • Favourite toys, books and characters
  • Special soft toy friends or comforters
  • Any allergies or regular medications - how and when to administer
  • Food - what are their favourite dishes and what do you prefer them to eat
  • Who are their nearest and dearest - grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles and friends

2. Go through:

  • Routines (sleep, play, bath time, eating)
  • Approach to discipline
  • Television
  • Taking telephone messages and making calls
  • Dealing with people who come to the door
  • Petty cash/expenses
  • Nanny diary - how will you correspond with each other at the start and end of the day.


1. Around the house:

  • Kitchen - how does the cooker/washing machine/microwave work?
  • Where do you keep your vacuum cleaner and cleaning products?
  • Where is your first aid kit and medicine?
  • Where is your sewing box?
  • Locking up procedures - alarm codes
  • If the nanny is live in - does she need a shelf for her own food etc

2. Introduce your nanny to your:

  • Neighbours
  • Playgroups, swimming classes, NCT etc
  • Children's teachers and play workers
  • Children's friends and their carers and parents
  • Any other people who are important to your family

3. Prepare a contact list:

  • Phone numbers to include parents' work and mobiles; neighbours; school; doctors; grandparents; friends
  • Will your nanny always be able to contact you at work?

4. Equipment check and demonstrations

  • Car seats - correctly fitted into car (check with her car and your car)
  • Pushchairs, buggies and highchairs - collapsing demonstrations
  • Tour of the local area: local parks, library, shops, swimming pools, schools, playgroups, doctors, hospital

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