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Before and After School Care

by: Katie Rookes, Tinies Three Counties


The Story

A parent was looking for before and after school care but couldn’t find a school club or a solution to work around the hours needed. They had considered a nanny, but the split shift and lack of hours wasn’t attractive enough to prospective applicants.  

The Challenge

With older, schoolaged children and a gap midday, it just wasn’t enough of an offering to prospective candidates. The parent had searched online sites but couldn’t find a solution that they felt comfortable with 

Why Tinies?

The parent had been recommended to Tinies by a friend who had also hired a nanny through Tinies. 

The Solution

The parent was appreciative that the Tinies Three Counties team was honest with them about the current market conditions and options when they registered. Tinies was open about the fact that a split shift day with older children was not going to attract candidates. They suggested that if the parents combined this role with other duties such as cleaning, dog walking, etc., the increased hours would make the position more attractive as a nanny/housekeeper role. The nanny could then handle duties such as cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, dog walking and pet care, running errands, and even managing the household or personal diaries.

The family hired a nanny/housekeeper and have found the right person for their children as well as getting some help around the home. 



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