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Busy Family With Three Children Needs Childcare Help!

by: Kelly Cattell, Tinies East Midlands


The Story

This parent is a full-time professional working predominantly during term time. They are juggling three teenage children with mixed afterschool activities and running a very busy household.  

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the parent’s job, she needed a reliable and flexible nanny. The challenge was to find someone who could provide daily support with excellent nanny experience. The ideal nanny would need to be confident interacting with teenage children, building strong working relationships with each child while allowing them their independence and space. Additionally, the parent required someone who could support with light personal assistant duties while the children were at school and help with the daytoday running of the home. 

Why Tinies?

This parent had previously employed a nanny and understood the value that the right nanny would provide her family. Her previous nanny had recommended she choose to work with Tinies.  

It was important to this parent that the nanny could fit into her family unit and would provide safe and reliable care for each of her children. Following her previous nanny’s recommendation, the parent visited the Tinies website and completed the short parent web enquiry form.   

The Solution

Upon receipt of the parent’s enquiry, our Tinies Consultant at Tinies East Midlands contacted the parent and discussed in detail the challenges that she was facing and together they agreed on the right approach for this specific role.  

The parent was delighted, happy and reassured by the support and guidance provided by Tinies and sought Tinies East Midlands support in finding her the perfect Nanny/PA for their family’s needs. 

Tinies East Midlands sent the parent some nanny CVs for consideration and ultimately selected two candidates to attend an interview. 

It was important that when recruiting a nanny for the parent that the nanny would have experience working with older children, as well as experience supporting children with anxiety, ADHD, and autism. The nanny would also need to be able to liaise with medical support staff and school staff as appropriate.   

Equally important for the children would be finding a nanny who was like-minded and had similar interests to them. A nanny who was young at heart and who would be willing to make TikTok’s and watch true crime dramas with them but at the same time be a role model, support them both physically and mentally, be there to make dinner, pick them up from school when they were poorly and support the parent with the day to day running of the home.   

Tinies East Midlands successfully matched the ideal nanny to the parent’s needs and those of her children. 

Tinies were able to find the perfect nanny who ticked all the boxes within 3 weeks.  

The Nanny had the right balance of experience and aptitude with the flexibility to support the children as well as the parent.  

Following aftercare calls the children absolutely love their new nanny and the parent is delighted with the support this has brought the family as well as the security and peace of mind that everything is in hand at home which has allowed her to concentrate on her role at work as well as being a mum. 


The parent’s feedback:   

As a busy working professional, Tinies made the entire process of hiring a nanny stress free and effortless.  The Tinies Consultant’s excellent communication, attention to detail, and care in getting to know what we needed as a family meant that she found us the perfect nanny very quickly.  In what could have been a pretty difficult situation, Tinies went above and beyond – I can thoroughly recommend using Tinies East Midlands whatever your childcare needs are. The nanny has been brilliant. Really fitted in seamlessly and made such a difference to me 🥰 Thank you for all your help and support, you have managed to do this so quickly and we just love the nanny. 



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