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Childcarer of the Year

Why our nominees enjoy working for Tinies


When we listen to our Tinies Childcarer of the Year nominees, it becomes evident that Tinies isn’t just an agency; it’s a community that empowers individuals to flourish in their roles. In the words of our nominees, the fusion of freedom, friendliness, and efficiency within Tinies has cultivated an environment where childcare professionals thrive. Join us as we explore the unique experiences and perspectives that make Tinies the preferred choice for those shaping the future generation.

I enjoy working with Tinies as it gives me the freedom to work the hours I choose, and they have been able to find bookings that suit my needs. The team are friendly and approachable which helps make my role a pleasant experience. Sharon, Tinies Berkshire


I am a former musician, and currently training to become a counsellor, I started working with Tinies a year ago. This opportunity provided the flexibility required to balance my three pursuits. The team has consistently demonstrated unwavering support, making sincere efforts to accommodate my hectic schedule. I value the warmth inherent in Tinies’ communication-always friendly yet maintaining a level of professionalism and reliability. Engaging with children brings me immense joy, allowing me to share both my creative flair and the empathetic skills honed in my counselling training. Alizee, Tinies Brighton


I love working for Tinies because they have been amazing since I joined them, and nothing is ever too much. They are very efficient with replying to any queries you have and are a very kind and friendly team. I have recommended a lot of friends to Tinies, and they have all thanked me so much and have never looked back! What a great Agency to work for. Alessandra, Tinies Buckinghamshire


I love working for Tinies. Becky is friendly and very helpful. I have had some great jobs from her. I am so proud to be nominated because it is great to be appreciated for the work, I love doing. It made my day. Debbie, Tinies Devon & Cornwall


Working for Tinies gives me flexibility to keep working, balancing my other responsibilities and interests. I especially like the way the team is always quick to respond to any of my messages.  Thank you. Michiko, Tinies Essex


Working at Tinies has been so great for me and I couldn’t picture a better job. I get to work the hours I need to as a dad and husband with my wife having to travel for work which makes this job ideal. The team at Tinies has been amazing keeping me in jobs for over 2 years without any slowdown at all. It’s been perfect as it’s felt like a full-time job but with the flexibility that I could never get in a traditional full-time nursery role. The Tinies team have helped me by getting access to courses to keep up my training, and important things to keep me right such as paperwork and the discount scheme. They are friendly and appreciable and always want to help.

I am paid more than the sector average, while having less paperwork which means I get to spend more time with the children which is the part of the job I truly enjoy the most. Another reason I love my work is going to nurseries and bringing my hobbies to the children which includes playing musical instruments and making bread with the children.  I’m good at my job but have never had the confidence to think that until I started work at Tinies. Nurseries are keen to take me on with either more work or asking about me joining them. I stay with Tinies due to the flexibility and the type of work I do, which is what I want. The team who supervises me are great and I may not get that in other roles. James, Tinies Glasgow

I’ve been working for Tinies for a few months now and from the moment I joined Tinies, I felt supported and valued. The communication is excellent, and they are always available to help with any questions or concerns. They are friendly, and approachable and always make me feel motivated. In these months I have always had a job and I haven’t had to worry about anything thanks to Tinies. Whenever I can, I recommend Tinies to anyone interested as I started working with them on the recommendation of a colleague. I think it has been one of the best decisions I have made. I can only say thank you to Tinies and especially to Jenny. Galia, Tinies Hampshire & Surrey

I have now worked through Tinies for several years, I love the variety and flexibility of the bookings, they fit in so well with my other commitments working as a children’s gymnastics and swimming teacher. Catherine and the team are so professional and prompt in giving me any info/details that I need. I mostly now do emergency nanny and babysitting bookings. It is a pleasure to go into families’ homes and meet the children, plan fun age-appropriate activities, and see the children enjoying a fun and interesting day helping them to grow in confidence. Penny, Tinies Hertfordshire

I’m so gobsmacked and proud to be nominated for this award, I’ve been a childcarer in various roles for 30 years and it’s wonderful to get recognition for the hard work I put in. I was surprised as I only started working temporarily for my local Tinies nanny and nursery desk in June 2023. As soon as I took on my first booking, I was impressed with the ease of the experience which led me to agree to more and more bookings until I became a regular with many. I love meeting different families, and children and going to different settings where I can excel in doing what I love. Thanks again. Roz, Tinies Kent

Tinies was recommended to me by a friend, and I am so glad I joined. I feel like I have been able to find a fantastic work/life balance which is important for me and my little family unit. Working for Tinies has boosted my confidence from the constant feedback from Lynn and her team, the nursery clients, and other members of the Tinies supply team. We are all so supportive of each other and working for Tinies makes getting up and going to work a joy!

The biggest contribution to this is of course the children, the days go by so quickly from being kept on your toes and no day is the same. Working with children is so rewarding, watching their confidence grow, learning new skills and forming relationships with you and their peers. Knowing that you have played a part in their development is so special. As an adult, life can be quite serious most of the time, however, being with the children gives you a chance to step out of that and be silly, have fun and be childish again. Danielle, Tinies Northamptonshire

I would like to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to be nominated for childcarer of the year. Since joining in April, I have truly fallen in love with my role and the incredible support and resources provided by the agency. The communication and support from the agency managers have been exceptional, ensuring a smooth working experience. One of the reasons I adore being a nanny for different families is the diversity of the role, allowing me to adapt to each family’s unique needs and provide personalised care.

This flexibility has enabled me to develop strong bonds with all the children and families I have worked with. I take great pride in the strong bonds I have formed and the advice I have offered, helping children settle at night and establish routines. My experience in adapting to diverse family needs has provided valuable real-life applications of the theoretical knowledge I am gaining at university. Working with Tinies is so fulfilling, and I am immensely proud to represent them. Thank you for this incredible honour. Kieva, Tinies North West

I haveworked with Tinies for 18 months and would wholly recommend them as an employer. After 20 years plus working in the childcare sector, I was only looking for part-time work to fit around my new work/lifestyle balance. The Team fully respects this and I have been welcomed as a valued individual who still has lots to offer in the workplace. The team are friendly, professional, approachable and supportive. They go above and beyond to make you feel like an important member of the Tinies team. In fact, it feels more like a family! June, Tinies Oxfordshire


Lisa and Louise are super friendly, easy to talk to and always eager to listen. They have regular work coming in and in previous times received lovely messages and cards that have boosted my morale. Being nominated feels very special and I wasn’t expecting it. I would recommend anyone to work for Tinies. Sarah, Tinies West Midlands


I started working for Tinies as I was struggling to balance University studies and work. The flexibility and the communication from the team have been amazing organising shifts in advance for me and often last minute as well. Although I finished my studies last year I have decided to stay with Tinies which has given me the opportunity and flexibility to open my own business. Thank you. Elizabeth, Tinies Yorkshire

As we applaud these extraordinary individuals nominated for Childcarer of the Year, we extend our thanks to all the Tinies teams for cultivating an environment where professionals can not only pursue their passions but also find joy and fulfilment in the impactful work they do. Keep a keen eye out as we eagerly anticipate the revelation of the Childcarer Champion of the Year for 2023. Cheers!



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