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Experienced, Loving Nanny for Child With Complex Care Needs

by: Georgina Jefferson, Tinies Yorkshire


The Story

A family with a son diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder was in real need of long-term care for him and their daughter, born two years later. They needed an extra pair of hands, someone who truly understood their son’s needs, could support him with the EYFS, and manage his seizures and other medical conditions. The family was juggling a lot and needed someone who could bring joy and fun to their son while providing the parents with more time and support. 

The Challenge

The parents wanted a nanny who could bring education, adventure, and fun into their home, setting up activities for their son who often missed nursery due to his condition. When their daughter arrived, they needed support with the care of the newborn as well. They were looking for a team player, a loving and caring nanny who could provide a level of freedom they thought was impossible after their son’s diagnosis. 

Why Tinies?

The family came through our Tinies website and Tinies Yorkshire spoke at length over the phone about their requirements and how we could support them. Tinies was able to share the CVs of several experienced nannies.   

As an agency, Tinies took the time to listen to the family and really get to know what their day-to-day life is like so that when speaking directly to their nannies about the role they can connect the most suitable matches. 

The Solution

The family were able to select the nannies they wanted to interview and invited them to come to their home to meet their son. Throughout the process, Tinies was there to support and share references of the nannies, ensuring consistent communication between both the family and the nanny.  

As conversations developed it became clear that what would work best for their son would be for the nanny to also support him within the preschool setting as well as at home. Tinies was able to provide the CV of a nanny who had in-home care experience as well as qualified in early years care. 

Tinies found the perfect nanny for their family, and continues to have a strong working relationship with this family, as demonstrated in their statements below:  


“It is difficult to articulate the gravity of the nanny’s influence, unwavering support, care and help over the past four years”  

“I believe a true testament to any nanny, is the level of love felt by the children she cares for. I can confidently say that my children love their nanny, they love spending time with her, and her endless supply of energy – spending hours making up games, setting up messy creative play sessions, going out on adventures, and singing their way through the day.



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