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Family seeking a nanny, specifically with SEN experience.

Tinies Brighton


The Story

Rebecca contacted Tinies Brighton seeking a nanny for her 8-year-old girl and 7-month-old boy. Her daughter had recently been diagnosed with Autism. She was seeking a nanny to care for her baby during the day, then after school, would need the nanny to care for both children.

The Challenge

Rebecca needed someone with SEN experience. She explained the kind of traits she required in a nanny, as well as the specific experience and knowledge they would need to confidently care for her daughter.  

It was important to Rebecca that the nanny was educated on ASD, and ideally had experience caring for children with ASD. Additionally, Rebecca also needed a nanny that was confident caring for a baby, including weaning experience, working with nap schedules, etc. 

Why Tinies?

Tinies were recommended to Rebecca by a friend that Tinies had provided a nanny to in the past.  

The Solution

Tinies Brighton contacted all their local and available Nannies who had the experience Rebecca was looking for.  

They also contacted some of our well-known and experienced nursery candidates that were working as SENCO’s within nursery settings.  

Tinies ended up placing a wonderful Nanny with Rebecca. She was a room-based Deputy Manager and SENCO, of a large day nursery. Being a SENCO, she had lots of knowledge and experience working with children with ASD. She was also based in the baby room, so had lots of experience working with babies too.  




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