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Last-Minute Temporary Nanny Support

by: Catherine Croucher, Tinies Oxon


The Story

We needed a temporary nanny as we work full time and couldn’t find a nursery space in Oxfordshire. Despite adding our child to the waiting list at 4 months old, there was no availability. Tinies provided the support we needed. 

The Challenge

We used Tinies for temporary support whilst waiting for a nursery space to become available in Oxfordshire. Despite the local shortage of childcare professionals, Tinies did their best to meet our needs, and we appreciated their efforts and understanding. 

Why Tinies?

We discovered Tinies through Google. Unlike other agencies, Tinies offered to handle the PAYE for our temporary nanny, saving us time and money. We had previously used London agencies where we paid cash to babysitters, but Tinies’ payroll system provided benefits for the nanny and ensured proper insurance coverage. On our own, this process would have been time consuming and expensive, so when Tinies said they take care of this for us we were delighted! 

The Solution

The process with Tinies was very easy and their team was very responsive. We had a really good experience using Tinies. 

Unlike the more casual job boards, we knew that Tinies prioritized children’s safety, the Nannies were screened and they have a minimum standard all nannies must meet. 

Tinies were helpful and responsive to our needs, even when we wanted last minute care or to change the hours. 



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