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To London and Beyond!



The Story

This family needed a temporary nanny to support them as their family continued to grow; they were temporarily based in London and unsure how long it would take for them to execute their planned move to Dubai. Therefore, they required a nanny who would be able to extend their booking on a month-by-month basis as needed, but who was also willing to travel with the family on their trips back to Dubai, as well as proxy-parent when the parents were out or working. The family has two older children, as well as a newborn.

The Challenge

Due to the unpredictable nature of the job, with the last-minute travels, baby-sitting and proxy parenting aspect of the job the family were concerned about finding someone who could tick all the boxes, as well as being a good fit for them. They spoke with their dedicated Tinies consultant who already had a nanny in mind, and a big idea on how to recruit the perfect matches for the family. After speaking with their consultant, the family had a huge peace of mind that Tinies could make the impossible, possible as they began reviewing the CVs of the premium candidates they had been matched with.  

Why Tinies?

The family approached multiple different agencies across London, explaining their situation and putting in requests for support, but after their call with the Tinies consultant they felt that Tinies was the obvious choice. They felt that Tinies had the personal, approachable touch that many other agencies lacked, whilst also providing the highest caliber of candidates, even with the family’s complex needs.  

The Solution

With so many moving parts for the position, Tinies took time to handpick a small group of potential nanny candidates and take care to ensure that they fully understood the realms of the role that they were applying for and the flexibility that would be required from them to support this busy, bustling family. This ensured that we were not wasting the parents time sending candidates who could not support the family or give them the dedication they were looking for. Through Tinies rigorous approach to sourcing and interviewing, they were able to find the perfect nanny for the family- and they have been working happily together ever since, feeling as though they were all a part of one big happy family together!   

The family has now been working with Tinies for the better part of eight months, consistently working alongside one another to create the most compatible childcare solutions. With the arrival of the newborn, they approached Tinies and came to us for a maternity nanny for their little one, considering no other options but the best stating that no other agency could understand our needs but Tinies.  



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