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Work/Life Balance

by: Sally Rookes, Tinies Bristol and Bath


The Story

This Tinies consultant is a childcarer and a personal training instructorShe works for Tinies as a temporary childcarer to fit around her personal training clients and maintain a work/life balance. She has maintained consistent work over the past 3 years, kept her clients happy, and is regularly booked by the same nursery settings where she has created great relationships with staff and bonded with the children. 

The Challenge

Working as a personal training instructor means her work fluctuates each week, at times it can be busy and other times it is quiet. The challenge is to find work that reliably fits alongside her personal training and gives her flexibility to book in enough work to pay the bills but also allow for down time and enjoy hobbies outside of work. 

Why Tinies?

She is a qualified childcarer and was working within a nursery when she decided she wanted to pursue personal training and possibly nannying. The nursery couldn’t offer flexible working at that time and there weren’t any nannying opportunities that fit in with her needs at that time, so Tinies Bristol & Bath discussed her working as an agency staff member. Since then, she has gained experience covering emergency nanny bookings alongside the nursery work. 

The Solution

This Tinies consultant joined the Tinies agency nursery and emergency childcare team! This was the best solution to her problem, and she has now been working in a temporary capacity for Tinies Bristol & Bath for 3 years. 

She has created a career for herself working in various local nurseries through Tinies. Throughout the years she has worked for us she has returned to various settings and then moved on and followed the work wherever it might be. The settings she supports absolutely love having her. An example of feedback is below: 


[Our Tinies consultant] has become trusted as a member of staff, as if she was a full employee. Her attitude has never been as a temporary employee.  

When in the setting she is extremely flexible and is able to adjust quickly from one task to another, even when unplanned. She is also proactive when needed.  

She has a professional, natural relationship with parents.  

Myself, children and other members of staff will miss her very much.  

A talented person who will take her skills with her where-ever she goes.



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