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Maternity nurses

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Tinies International Placements

We have a dedicated international nanny agency service to source British nannies for parents living overseas

Tinies International has a reputation for finding the best British nannies for clients who live abroad. We can supply British and English speaking nannies all over the world, and work often with families in:

  • Bermuda
  • Cyprus
  • Europe
  • Monaco
  • Singapore
  • Caribbean
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • Russia (Moscow and surrounding)
  • Saudi Arabia

Read more about our British nanny recruitment service for overseas families.

Looking for a British Nanny? Send us your Requirements

Hire a British nanny with Tinies International

We work closely with international clients to find out more about the type of British nanny they are looking for to work with their family abroad.

Some families may want an English speaking nanny, others may need a nanny with a second language or specialist skills or experience.

For your peace of mind, we vigorously vet all of our overseas nannies before we put them forward for interview with you.

We're involved with the process of hiring an international nanny every step of the way - helping to find your perfect 'Mary Poppins' nanny.

Looking for an overseas nanny job?

If you're an experienced nanny looking for childcare jobs abroad, then contact Tinies International today.

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We have nanny jobs all over the world, from the heat of Dubai and Saudi Arabia, to the shores of the Caribbean, throughout Europe, and much more. We have nanny jobs to suit every candidate. Read more about overseas nanny jobs.


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Hiring a nanny yourself?

We can run all the essential checks for your new nanny.

Nanny Screening

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I registered with Tinies and within days I was in for an interview... I've now found a great nanny job in York. Thank you Tinies!
Becky, York