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Nanny Jobs Overseas

As an international nanny you can discover new parts of the world, explore rich cultures, and gain valuable life experience

Tinies International has nanny jobs all over the world, from the warm seashores of the Caribbean, to culturally rich countries such as Russia or Saudi Arabia.

We have overseas nanny jobs to suit every candidate!

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Finding nanny jobs abroad with Tinies

Working abroad adds another dimension to your experience as a nanny.

It opens you up to different cultures and languages, and strengthens your abilities to work with families with varied backgrounds and requirements. Plus it looks fantastic on your CV.

It's an exciting prospect that we would like to help you make become a reality!

We help to find British nannies for parents all over the world...

  • Bermuda Nanny Jobs
  • Cyprus Nanny Jobs
  • Europe Nanny Jobs
  • Monaco Nanny Jobs
  • Singapore Nanny Jobs
  • Caribbean Nanny Jobs
  • Dubai Nanny Jobs
  • Hong Kong Nanny Jobs
  • Russia Nanny Jobs
  • And Worldwide Nanny Jobs!

The first step to working as a nanny overseas

After you register for FREE with Tinies you'll be assigned a dedicated international nanny agency consultant. We're based in London, but we work with nannies and childcarers all over the UK that want to find an overseas nanny job.

We'll advise you on the best overseas nanny jobs to apply for, according to your experience and or qualifications, as well as what you are hoping to achieve by working abroad as a nanny abroad.

Your consultant will fully support you throughout your overseas placement to ensure that you have the best possible experience abroad!

Why not give us a call to discuss further. We'd love to hear from you.

Before taking on a nanny job abroad

Think carefully. For example, have you been away from home before? Will you miss your friends and family? Are you confident enough to make new friends and grasp a new language?

If none of this fazes you, and you can't wait to find a nanny job abroad, we look forward to hearing from you.

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