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Maternity Jobs in the UK with Tinies

Tinies has a dedicated maternity nanny agency that can help experienced childcarers find the best maternity job

If you're a qualified nursery nurse (CACHE, BTEC or NAMCW), a registered nurse or midwife, and you have 5 years experience working with babies that would enable you to support mothers and babies in their own homes - then you could join our excellent team of maternity nannies working in areas all over the UK and abroad.

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There are many different types of maternity jobs

Maternity nurse jobs and maternity nanny jobs

Maternity nannies and nurses attend the family home after mother and baby have been discharged from hospital and normally live in with for anything from 2 weeks to 12 weeks after birth to support and care for both mother and the new baby. They normally work 6 days per week, 24 hours per day.

Maternity nannies give an expert service in all areas of infant care especially feeding and sleep routines, weight gain patterns, dealing with minor ailments and maintaining good hygiene.

Care and support of the post natal mother and helping with breast feeding is especially important. Maternity nannies/nurses are there to help a new mum through those first crucial weeks of the baby's life and to provide advice and guidance, as well as allowing the mum to rest and catch up on sleep.

Multiple birth maternity nanny jobs (twins and triplets)

These maternity nanny jobs are for very experienced maternity nannies and nurses who specialise in multiple births. They are ideal for parents expecting twins or triplets and great at establishing routines.

Doulas jobs

Doulas will be experienced in childcare (particularly with babies) as well as being willing to assist in household duties and the general running of the home. Doulas can be pre natal (and therefore assist in the labour and birth) or post natal. A post natal doula helps the mum with the baby, but also does light housework, shopping, cooking, ironing and general assistance with any older children. Hours vary, but tend to be daily, sometimes working 4-8 hours per day.

Maternity night nanny jobs

These are experienced maternity nannies that specialise in establishing a routine that will ensure that baby sleeps through the night. They work in the evenings, starting from 7pm and working through to the morning. Tinies are always keen to recruit more night nannies.

Sleep consultants and lactation consultants jobs

Tinies Maternity welcomes specialist maternity nannies, who have specific skills when it comes to caring for babies and toddlers. In particular we are looking for Sleep Consultants and Lactation Consultants.

Tinies maternity practitioner training course

If you wish to learn more about being a maternity nanny, then why not attend our Maternity Practitioner Course.

Tinies maternity nanny jobs

Browse our maternity nanny jobs and apply online.

If you would like to find out more about our maternity jobs and working as a maternity nanny, please speak to the Tinies Maternity team.

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