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Our Favourite Things to Think About When Buying a Pram

There are always lots of purchases to make when you have a new baby or growing children, but one decision can have a lasting impact on ease of travel and mobility in the days, weeks, months and years to come


If you pick the wrong one, you'll find it doesn't fit in the boot or your car, or its too wide to go through the shop door, or it doesn't fold easily if you take public transport or that there just isn't enough space to carry a few extra groceries.

Such an important and sometimes costly purchase needs to be considered. We decided to speak to Peter Holm, father of two and Director of Little Saints the UK distributors of Bumbleride prams.

As a father it became even more apparent to Peter than the right pram for you is important, here's a few things he thinks you should take into consideration before you buy a pram!

Prams for newborns and growing children

Choose the pram that suits your lifestyle

The most important thing to consider when buying your first pram is to choose the one that suits your lifestyle best.

Prams that are multi-terrain and combine off-road ability with ease of use on pavements are a good choice, and if you are going to be using public transport or folding the pram to put it in the boot of the family car, then check how compactly the pram folds.

Will my newborn be able to sleep in the pram?

Check that the pram you are buying can be used from newborn, i.e. it has a lie-flat seat so that a newborn baby can sleep flat when in the pram, to help its physical development. The Bumbleride Indie and Indie Twin can be used with the seat flat for newborns, while a carrycot is available as an optional extra for additional comfort when out and about.

What is a 'travel system'?

It's a set that includes a pram suitable for a newborn baby and an infant car seat that can easily be interchanged, so if your baby falls asleep in the car you just attach the car seat to the pram chassis and you can wheel the pram around without disturbing your sleeping baby.

Looking for a pram to carry both a toddler and a newborn?

There are a growing number of prams that can accommodate either twins from newborn, or one newborn and a toddler, and features to look out for include completely separate seat units, so you can always make each baby or toddler as comfortable as possible, and if you choose a side by side twin pram, check that the seats are wide enough to be comfortable but that the pram can still fit easily through doorways.

Safety features to look out for

A good five-point harness that keeps your baby secure and has extra padding for comfort. Good responsive brakes that are easy to use and then release again, even when wearing flip flops. Air filled tyres give a more comfortable ride, but check that your pram comes with a pump for unexpected punctures - the best ones conceal the pump in the shopping basket.

Features for you and your baby's comfort

Buy a pram that suits your lifestyle

A newborn baby needs to be able to lie flat and be kept at just the right temperature whether in summer or winter conditions, so a good sized fabric hood with UV lining and SPF to protect from sun and wind, and a well fitting rain cover are essential.

A smooth ride on air filled tyres whatever the terrain will add to your baby's comfort, as will fabric seats that are just the right firmness. As most parents are different heights, a fully adjustable handle with a cushioned grip is another great feature to look for, so that both of you can comfortably push the pram.

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