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Our Favourite Educational Christmas Presents for Kids

There's no need to worry about what to get the children this Christmas; we've picked out a few toys that are guaranteed to make both kids and adults happy


Every Christmas, there's a shopping frenzy - from well thought out gifts to last minute purchases. Some of them become treasured favourites, and others are used once and then never seen again.

Children ask for toys that are fun, while their parents hope to strike a balance between gifts that are fun, educational - and not too expensive! But this year, there's no reason why the presents can't be all three things.

The best educational toys are enjoyable, entertaining for both boys and girls, and ensure natural learning happens as a part of the playing process. Here are some of our favourites:

Learning about the world

Cash register

Cash registerWhile cash is less popular these days with contactless cards, learning about money is still an important part of growing up. Cash registers are the perfect introduction to the world of money. They help with simple sums, and provide endless hours of fun playing shop with siblings and friends.

This cash register is modern enough to have a chip and pin machine, a scanner and even a microphone! However, if you have children under the age of 3, you might want to consider one with fewer small parts.

Scabs and Guts: a meducational board game

Meducational boardgame Scabs and GutsThere is no better way of bringing the whole family together than a board game. This 'Scabs and Guts' game is both fun and educational, teaching your children the basics of hygiene, health, nutrition and exercise through answering multiple choice questions. And who knows - it might even inspire future medical professionals.

Scientific funCreature peeper

Creature peeper

This inexpensive creature peeper makes it easy and fun for young children to explore nature. The peeper lets your child study, and magnify, the object of their interest - be it a bug or a piece of grass - from several angles. It will encourage your child's natural curiosity of bugs and insects, and keep them occupied outside for hours, searching for creatures they can examine.

Kitchen science lab Kitchen science experiments

A foolproof way of getting children interested in science and chemistry is carrying out messy experiments with them. This kit brings the science lab to your kitchen. With a few easy to find items, your children will learn the scientific principles behind experiments while carrying them out. This is also something parents might have fun getting involved in - experiments include making a volcano and generating electricity using a tomato and a fork.

Aqua dragons 

Have your children been pestering youAqua Dragons to get a pet? You can now fulfil their dreams without having to invest time, energy, money, and commitment to an animal that might live for ten years, with an Aqua Dragon. Aqua Dragons are small aquatic creatures from the crustacean family that have been living in the sea for millions of years. Your children will be able to observe the life cycle of the dragon, from hatching to laying their own eggs, and learning about these fascinating creatures along the way.

Buying your child this set could be a way of seeing if they are responsible enough for a real pet, as they have to feed the dragons every three days for them to thrive. It might also foster an interest in natural science, biology and prehistoric creatures.

Creative Christmas

Super art set

Super art setWhether you are the parent of an artist, or you want to encourage your children to be more creative, this art set is sure to inspire and fuel their excitement for drawing, painting, chalking and colouring. The case that comes with the set should also help your child keep the equipment neat and organised.


AquadoodleDo you want to encourage your young children to be creative but don't have the time or space for the mess involved? The 'Aquadoodle' allows your child to draw on the canvas with a water filled pen, and discover hidden pictures around the edges. As the water dries, the images fade, and they can start all over again.

Rosie Flo's colouring pool party

Rosie Flo's colouring pool party

This set brings a whole new dimension to the favourite activity of colouring in. Your children can create their own characters, but that is just the beginning. When they've finished colouring, they can press out the dolls and play pool party with their characters and the accessories. This kit is like a portable version of a dollhouse!


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