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Our Favourite Essential Items for Newborn Babies

When you think about everything you need for your new baby, it can be a daunting exercise, one that everyone will have an opinion on and in their own way - they'll all be right!


Shopping for baby means knowing yourself, the space you have and keeping an eye open for bargains!

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to separate the "essentials" for newborns from the "luxuries", how to spot the items you simply can't live without and how to avoid spending hundreds of pounds on non-essential items.

With these thoughts in mind, we thought we'd turn to the experts at The Baby Show. They've put together a list of ten essential items for newborns, as well as specific suggestions you can find at The Baby Show.

Top 10 newborn baby essentials

1) Baby monitorTommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor

Monitors are an essential device for anyone who wants to be able to leave the room and get on with other things while their little cherub is sleeping.

Ranging from very basic models to highly technical monitors with video screens and movement sensors, choosing the right monitor for your needs is essential. Our favourite Monitor is the Tommee Tippee Digital Video Monitor which features interference-free sound, movement and colour vision monitoring for the ultimate in reassurance.

2) Moses basket

Having a portable place for your baby to sleep is a key ingredient to moving about with ease. If baby falls asleep while you're inside the house and you need to do something in the garden, it's easy to move.

From simple to extravagant, Moses baskets are perfect for boys and girls and can vary in price! Our favourite is the classic version of the Moses Basket from Mothercare.

3) Baby bathSea Turtle, 3 in 1 bath, from Babies R Us

Bathing your newborn is something you will do frequently, and it can be a lovely time to bond. Although some mums find a simple washing up bowl or basin will suffice, we're partial to a baby bath that sits inside your bath tub and cradles your little one.

Our favourite is the Sea Turtle, 3 in 1 bath, from Babies R Us because it's suitable from birth and grows with your infant. A clip on sling supports newborns and makes bathing easy.

4) Sheets and blankets

Having enough changes of sheet and blankets for your newborn baby is important as sometimes the laundry will pile up and you never know when you'll count your lucky stars there is another fresh set in the cupboard.

Many midwives recommend swaddling in cotton clothes in the early days and when using a swaddle an additional blanket is usually not required. If you're at odds about what kind of sheets and blankets you need, the Baby Centre website has some great advice. While you can use traditions blankets, our favourite, the Ergo Cocoon, is an award winning zip up swaddle, allowing your baby to move their hands into a comfortable position without waking up and makes swaddling very easy.

5) Steriliser

Whether you are bottle feeding or breastfeeding, chances are you will have a plethora of items that need sterilising such as bottles, dummies and breast pumps. While it is possible to sterilise with boiling water, many people opt for a steriliser to save them time and to ensure nothing is missed! Our favourite is the Phillips Avent Microwave Steam Steriliser because it is lightweight, compact and fits in most microwaves. Fitting up to 6 bottles it sterilises in 2 minutes making it a times save and useful in a crisis moment!

6) Bouncy chairFisher Price Deluxe Infant to Toddler Comfort Rocker

While being a new mum is the best arm work-out ever, you will get to a point where your arms need a break! And this is likely to be a time when baby wants to be rocked and jiggled.

A lightweight, portable chair is a good bet as it can move around the house with you. Our favourite is the Fisher Price Deluxe Infant to Toddler Comfort Rocker, which is a reclining infant seat, great for play but you can remove the toy bar and switch on the calming vibrations when its time for a nap.

7) Breast pump and/or bottles

Whether you decide to breast feed, bottle feed or even combine the two, you'll likely need a breast pump. Our favourite is from MAM who offer a gentle manual breast pump which can be adjusted to meet individual needs. The suction controller allows suction strength to be adjusted easily to individual preference.

The adjustable funnel with soft breast pads allows you to set the position you find most comfortable, whilst the soft breast pads provide a secure fit and a pleasant sensation on the skin.

Comprised of just four parts, the breast pump is easy to assemble and clean.

8) Changing bag

Only once you've taken care of a baby on a day out will you realise how important it is to have a solid change bag, full of all the necessities. It's really worth investing in a decent changing bag as it will be with you every day, if you're a fashionable creature it's important to think about how it looks as it will become your new best friend! Our favourite range of change bags comes from as they carry a range of bags from compact and practical to luxury leather.

9) Carrier / sling

Once you have a small bundle to carry around with you, you'll realise how often you need both hands! Investing in a sling or carrier enables you to get out and about and on with your day with both hands free. Baby loves being close to you and you're to do list gets shorter! Our favourite is the Manduca Carrier which is described by midwives as the ultimate ergonomic child carrier. It's brilliant design enables you to carry your baby on your stomach, back or hip.

10) Travel system (car seat and pushchair/pram)

Compact Connection Stroller from Stokke

Regardless of how you get around, you'll need to think about how baby can go with you! Before choosing a travel system, consider your lifestyle. Do you live in a town or city and do most of your walking along pavement? Or are you a country dweller more likely to need a three wheeled off-roader with sturdy suspension? Whatever you choose, a car seat is essential and most seats now come with coordinating prams and/or buggies.

Our favourite is the Compact Connection Stroller from Stokke, with its face to face design and its elevated seat it's great for keeping the little one entertained!

For more information on buying a pram or pushchair, read: Our Favourite Things to Think About When Buying a Pram.

If you'd like advice on newborn babies, or are interested in hiring a maternity nurse or nanny, you can speak to Tinies Maternity.

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