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Our Top 10 Favourite Parenting Apps

From the washing machine to the microwave, technological advances in the past decades have made parenting easier - here are our favourite apps that could turn your smartphone into a helpful tool


We use apps for everything these days, from waking up in the morning to monitoring our children's whereabouts, ordering a cab, talking to family on the other side of the planet, or playing games on our commute.

While we all have apps on our phones for keeping in touch with people and having fun, there are also a multitude of apps designed to make your life a little bit easier. Here are our 10 favourite parenting apps that could help make your daily family life less stressful to navigate.

Getting organised

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is the dream app for everyone who loves lists, whether it's shopping lists, to-do lists or reminder lists. The app lets you sync your lists over different devices, and share them with your partner or other people in your life. With Wunderlist, your partner no longer has an excuse for not getting everything you asked for from the grocery store!

2. Home RoutinesAn app to help with chores

All parents of young children know routines can make life a lot easier. This app will help you stay on top of the things you need to get done by scheduling your household chores and other tasks throughout the day and week. This app should help parents who get stressed and struggle to remember which child needs to bring their PE kit to school on which day.

3. Chore Pad

Once children reach a certain age, they can be expected to help out with chores around the house, but some are easier to motivate than others. This is where Chore Pad comes in - with a child friendly, easy-to-use design, the app seeks to motivate your children to do their chores, and will help you stay on top of it.

4. Dinner Spinner

Everyone's experienced running out of ideas for things to make for dinner, and staring into a fridge with various vegetables about to go off and no idea what to do with them. Dinner Spinner lets you access more than 50,000 recipes so you will no longer run out of dinner ideas - and a function of the app lets you add ingredients that you want to use - and not use - as well as add all the ingredients you need to your shopping list.

Saving memories

5. Google PhotosAn app to save your child's artwork

Most of us have our photos spread across phones, digital cameras, computers and social networking sites - it's a difficult job to always have all your family photos organised and backed up. Google Photos automatically upload all your photos, and lets you edit, back up and organise them.

6. Canvsly

If you save every drawing and painting your child creates as they grow, you will build up an impressive collection very quickly. If you feel guilty throwing away your child's artwork but are running out of space on the fridge and on available walls, Canvsly is the app for you. It's designed to capture, organise and save your child's art, and lets you share it with your family and friends effortlessly.

Life with a baby

7. My Baby Today

With a small baby, days can quickly start to blur together, not to mention how hard it can be to keep track of when you last changed or fed your child if you've only had three hours of sleep. My Baby Today helps you keep track of all these things, as well as provide you with support, advice and reminders.

8. NCT Babychange

When you're out and about with your small child and suddenly need to change a nappy, it's not always easy to know where you can go. This app created by the NCT will help you locate your closest changing facility - as well as adding new facilities you find, and rate their cleanliness.

Keep them busy

9. MeeGenius

Do you ever find yourself needing to keep your children entertained, but not wanting them to play mindless games like Candy Crush or watch YouTube on your phone? MeeGenius gives you access to hundreds of children's books for children up to 8 years old, as well as read-along word highlighting, rich illustrations, and story narration.

10. abc PocketPhonics 

Apps to keep children busy

It's funny how children quickly become more motivated to do their homework if it involves a computer or a screen. This app is for children who are learning the alphabet - helping them to say, recognise and write sounds and letters.

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