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Your Big Day: Tinies can help make special memories for your smallest guests too!  

by: Kate Hughes, Tinies North East


The Story

Donna is an experienced Wedding Planner from the Northeast, with over twenty years of professional planning and project management experience specialising in large scale events and unique weddings around the world.  

The Challenge

Donna contacted Tinies Northeast for support as her clients were seeking to incorporate childcare into their large wedding celebrations. The wedding was scheduled to take place in less than two months, with many guests expected. It would be held outdoors, with some areas of the venue being set up on the day. There were substantial distances between the areas designated for childcare, and the large number of children in attendance would vary in age from young babies to 12-year-olds. Additionally, the unpredictability of the British weather forecast added an element of uncertainty to the proceedings. 

Why Tinies?

Donna had initially spoken with a Tinies Consultant in 2016 to learn more about the services Tinies could offer her clients, such as event nannies, babysitters, and hotel nannies. She was provided with information that she could share with her clients. Donna got back in touch after utilizing the search details for the branch on www.tinies.com for the area where she needed childcare. She called to speak with the Tinies Consultant, who immediately set to work on supporting the events’ childcare needs. 

The Solution

From the moment the phone was put down on the initial call, Tinies set to work. Tinies sought nannies and undertook a venue risk assessment visit to discuss logistics. With the wedding set to take place in less than two months, so it was all systems go! The event would require a large number of Tinies experienced Tinies childcarers from across the region. Tinies tailored services to Donna’s clients’ needs, ensuring everything was in place to provide exceptional care to approximately 30 children, from very young babies to pre-teens, some related and some unfamiliar with each other. Families travelling from the UK and abroad, alongside around 200 guests.  

The venue spanned two areas across a large countryside estate, with logistical planning required for the size of the venue and timetable of the wedding, ensuring the children were safe, happy and had access to everything they needed. Tinies asked families for information that helped us plan; with children’s usual routines and interests incorporated alongside exciting activities, loads of toys and games, movies and stories, facepainting and balloons, with crafts and creations to bring home in a personalised tote.  

The scenic summer wedding had outdoor play areas, bell tents and a woodland walk to a marquee which needed to be transformed part way through…and the forecast yo-yoed between glorious sunshine and downpours. Thorough planning, resourcing and communication with the team beforehand meant that on the day we were prepared. Arriving in a rainstorm was not going to stop us! Adapting throughout, we worked seamlessly alongside Donna’s amazing team of event staff, and helped create amazing memories for the children, so that parents could enjoy the celebrations knowing their children were happy and well cared for and ultimately the happy couple could focus on their day! 


This is what our client had to say about the service provided by Tinies North East: 

I recently had the pleasure of working with Tinies Nannies for a client-exclusive family wedding, and I cannot recommend their services highly enough. From the moment I contacted the Tinies consultant, the experience was nothing short of impeccable. The communication was open and seamless, and the online data collection process for parents was stress-free and secure, ensuring all necessary information regarding their children was gathered efficiently. 

The attention to detail provided by Tinies and their team was extraordinary. The preparation process included onsite visits and thorough health and safety inspections, which gave us complete peace of mind. The bespoke selection of staff was tailored perfectly to our needs, making what could have been a logistically challenging task appear effortless. 

The Tinies Consultant and their team went above and beyond to ensure flawless every aspect of the care provision. Their professionalism and dedication shone through, making a significant contribution to the success of the wedding. It’s not easy entertaining and caring for a large group of children mainly aged between newborn to ten years old – a small army of nannies (Approximately 18). 

I, along with the North East Wedding Planning team, would not hesitate to secure the services of Tinies Nannies for future events. Their exceptional service and commitment to excellence truly set them apart.” 

Donna Hartley-Redfearn 

North East Wedding Planner 



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