REC Childcare Code of Practice

Tinies nanny agencies are members of REC Childcare

In an industry that doesn't require nanny agencies to be registered, Tinies felt that it was essential to join an organisation, such as REC, as a form of self-regulation. We are audited by REC to ensure that our practices conform with their code of practice.

In addition to being audited by REC, we're the only nanny agency network in the UK to 'mystery shop' all parts of our business.

Tinies complies with REC's best practice:

We comply with all principles of the REC Code of Professional Practice.

We have read and understood the guide to comply with the REC Code of Professional Practice.

We comply with current legislation.

We interview all cares face-to-face.

We take a minimum of two written employer references, and, where possible, make additional enquiries.

We ensure that cares have the relevant experience and qualifications for the job.

We verify cares' qualifications by viewing the original diploma or by checking with the relevant training body.

We check the cares' employment history and enquire about gaps in employment.

We actively encourage our cares to undertake a paediatric first aid certificate.

We provide full details of the position to the carer before submitting their details to the familiy.

We promote diversity.


REC Code of Practice and GuidanceVisit to view the REC Code of Practice and Guidance to complying with the Code.


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Thank you very much Tinies for having such a nice, kind, professional and child friendly lady to help us. We very much appreciated her care.
Louise, Surrey