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We think that events become even more special with a crèche! Tinies provides companies across the UK with on-site childcare and crèches for corporate events

Tinies delivers some of the best on-site childcare for any event. Corporate event crèches can also be themed and tailored.

Our corporate crèches will work no matter what event you're planning. We've run event crèches and on-site childcare at exhibitions, party political conferences, shows, conferences, and corporate parties.

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Corporate crèches

Why have a crèche at a corporate event?

We can provide a crèche to run alongside any event. If you are running a training day, or a conference, then attendance will be improved by the provision of on-site childcare.

Access to on-site childcare gives the parents more freedom and flexibility, to enjoy the event or conference. Parents are far more likely to attend an event if they know their children are going to be nearby, being cared for safely whilst having a good time too.

Our ethos is to provide a fun but safe environment for the children, leaving parents free to attend an event, happy in the knowledge that their children are well cared for nearby.

We have expertise in providing on-site childcare for:

For more information, read our Case Studies or How Event Crèches Work.

Consultation with the client is key

We will work with you to create the best corporate crèche for your event. We have a number of set models to use, or we can tailor the crèche and on-site childcare to your requirements.

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The crèche allowed me to fully participate in the conference: debates, votes, speeches, lunchtime fringes and, at one point, a campaign meeting. Without it, I could not have attended at all.
Conference Guest

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The best thing since sliced bread. Great having a party where the children had more fun than the grownups! And I wanted to do the cheerleading lesson.
Davina McCall, Hertfordshire, Party Crèche