Conference Crèche Case Study

Tinies provides a crèche at the Liberal Democrats bi-annual party conferences, allowing parents to attend the event held over several days

The Liberal Democrats provide a crèche facility at both their Spring & Autumn Conferences held at various locations across the UK to enable members with children to attend the events.

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Liberal Democrats event crèche by Tinies

Type of contract

Managed Service Event. We operate the crèche provision in its entirety. This includes:

  • Health & Safety
  • Recruitment and deployment of staff
  • Induction training prior to and on the day at the chosen location
  • Creating programmes for children from 3 to 10 years
  • Working with all relevant parties - Lib Dems events & security  team, the locations people
  • Liaising with authorities & meeting legislation.

Size of contract: On average the crèche runs 7 days per year.

Length of contract: Annual agreement to cover both the Spring and Autumn Conferences across the UK.

Benefits of working with Tinies

  • Reputable childcare company
  • Ability to provide a consistent services anywhere within the UK
  • One point of contact for contract negotiations and invoicing
  • Local qualified childcarers delivering the crèche on the day
  • Ability to offer more than just a crèche service
  • Activity programmes meeting the width and breadth of attendees.

The Liberal Democrats brief

The purpose of the crèche facility is to care for children of all ages to enable parents/carers to attend the 2-5 day conference. The timings of children attending the crèche can vary; some children staying for up to 8 hours each day.

The service must be flexible allowing parents to collect and drop off between seminars, and have facilities for children to eat and follow familiar routines.

The crèche programme must provide activities for a broad age range and ensure that the children are stimulated and having fun, as well as their basic needs met.

Accommodating additional children at short notice is essential and enough staff must have passed security clearance prior to the event to cover all eventualities.

Delivery: Due to this contract having no fixed location we felt it was best for the client that Tinies Head Office holds the contract centrally; meaning that we liaise with the client to agree terms, costs and key deliverables.

Tinies Head Office co-ordinates with our local Tinies branch, who will execute the event on the day, and speak to parents in the lead up to the conference.

Tinies deliverables

We have held this crèche contract since 2007 and follow the same process for every event.

Prior to the start of each event we are notified of the numbers and ages of children and therefore the programme is bespoke on a day to day basis. The basic equipment always provided includes:

  • Story and quiet corner
  • Creative zone - programme advertised daily to parents
  • Construction area - programme rotates throughout the day
  • Home corner - dressing up and fantasy play
  • Baby area - soft flooring; cots; suitable furniture and a large variety of interactive toys
  • Practical aids - baby changing facilities; potties; training seats.

A full risk assessment of the premises is undertaken prior to the conference and covers all safety and security measures. We liaise with the chosen location direct and just reassure our client that all checks have been carried out prior to the day.

All parents are then contacted prior to the event to discuss their child's familiar routines and to agree the child's choice of menu for the duration of their stay. This is done to ensure that parents are not delayed on the first day of the conference and to help settle the children as best we can.

Tinies select a fully qualified team who possess varied skills to ensure we can cater for all ages attending. This team has to be chosen in advance in order to pass through the enhanced security checks required for a government event. All team members are interviewed, reference checked and hold a DBS or PVG check (police check), ensuring the safety of the children. The Tinies Team are easily identifiable in their 'Tinies' uniform' - polo shirts with logo, black trousers / shorts and name badges.

Post the event we always ask for feedback and share this with the client. A debrief call is held to address any issues and make sure all parties are happy with the execution.

Client feedback

"We have used Tinies at the past four conferences held in various locations around the country and they provide an excellent, consistent service no matter which local branch we use. Feedback from the children and parents has been great throughout." Sian Jenkins, Commercial Manager

"The crèche allowed me to fully participate in the business of conference: debates, votes, speeches, lunchtime fringes and, at one point, a campaign meeting. Without it, I could not have attended at all. With the crèche, I had the best of both worlds: regular cuddles with my son grounding me in between policy debates & ministerial Q&As." Rachel Coleman Finch, Liberal Democrat activist in Cambridge

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I went to an event where Tinies provided the childcare crèche. I wanted to say how amazed I was at the care and consideration from all staff involved. Will be using this service again in the future. Care for little ones like their own!
Pattinson, Event Childcare