Parent Policies

We create a safe and caring environment so your child can play and learn in our care, and you can relax knowing that we've got all the bases covered.

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Admissions policy 

To ensure that your child's needs are met whilst in our care, we require a completed Registration Form, including parental consent for action in an emergency situation, before your child attends one of our setting. Understandably, we cannot accept your child into our care without this information and consent.

On arrival to a Tinies crèche, please speak to a Tinies Team Member and highlight any specific requirements and/or needs your child may have. If your child has any medical conditions or additional needs, you will be asked to complete a Care Plan to accompany the Registration Form to ensure that your child's needs are met whilst in our care.

Accidents and incidents 

Tinies will ensure that you know everything about your child's visit and should your child have an accident or incident whilst in Tinies care, depending on the severity, we will either contact you immediately, or inform you on collection and request that you sign the Accident Form which highlights the cause, effect and treatment administered.

All accidents and incidents will be dealt with by a qualified First Aider and the cause assessed to avoid re-occurrence. If your child has had an accident within the last 48 hours, or has an injury from a previous accident, we ask that you inform the Tinies Team on signing your child in so that we can record the details and closely monitor your child.

Babysitting policy 

Tinies exercises precautions when employing team members to ensure they are suitable to be employed to work with children. However we require parents to contact their local Tinies to discuss babysitting options outside of our events. We run a separate babysitting service and will be happy to discuss specific individuals that you have met at an event. We also request that out of hours work arrangements don't interfere with a colleagues employment at the setting and that confidentiality regarding other children, colleagues and parents is respected at all times.

Behaviour management 

Your child will be encouraged to show respect for other people, their beliefs and opinions, and the childcare environment. Every child will be encouraged and nurtured without prejudice in a Tinies crèche.

We recognise that children act according to their age and stage of development. Tinies Team Members are aware of the ages/stages of development and will use their knowledge and understanding of child development to appropriately manage your children's behaviour within the crèche. The Team will work with you and your child to support appropriate behaviour, taking into consideration individual needs and abilities.

The Tinies Team will not attribute any terms to your child that may result in them being unnecessarily or inappropriately 'labelled'. We are fully aware that feedback regarding negative behaviour should always be delivered in a calm and controlled manner. Positive methods of guidance will be used at all times and will include redirection, anticipation and avoidance of potentially volatile situations, positive re-enforcement and praise.

Physical punishment is not an option, therefore reprimanding in the form of smacking, shaking or shouting or other methods, which may be regarded as humiliating, threatening or frightening will never be used. Tinies Team Members will speak to children calmly and gently yet will be firm when required. The only circumstance in which it may be acceptable and necessary for a member of the Tinies Team to raise their voice would be as a warning to alert danger. Any behaviour causing concern or of a consistent nature will be discussed with you and appropriate strategies planned, ensuring a consistent approach.

The Tinies team recognise that from time to time, some children will display behaviour that is classed as inappropriate. If this is ongoing, we will contact you to return to the crèche.


All Tinies settings will keep information held on your child confidential, except where there were concerns for a child's safety and welfare. In this instance, information may be shared with authorities in accordance with the Local Regulatory Body guidance.

Equality, diversity and inclusion 

We aim to provide inclusion and integration of children with disabilities and additional needs. We also respect and celebrate cultural diversity and actively promote positive images and positive role models to the children in our care. We will always endeavour to provide the best possible quality care for all children, including those with additional needs and will do our best to ensure that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Tinies believes that all children should be treated as individuals in a manner appropriate to their age and stage of development. Awareness of a child's additional needs will not detract from their integration and inclusion within the environment and will be considered in supporting your child and their development whilst in our care. We therefore request that you provide any additional information to the Tinies Team in order to support your child. It is important that this information is current and accurate.

A Care Plan will be written if your child is identified by you as having additional needs. This plan will be written in conjunction with you to ensure that we have as much information as possible to provide a safe environment for your child.

Fire safety and evacuating a building 

On hearing the fire alarm:An app to save your child's artwork

  • You are asked to evacuate through the nearest fire exit, please do not try to collect your child.
  • You are asked to leave the Tinies Team to evacuate children safely, they cannot release your child until they have been given the all clear by the Fire Marshall.
  • The Tinies Team keep a register of the children in their care so that they are able to complete a head count before evacuating the building safely.

Once the children have been evacuated from the building:

  • The Tinies Team will complete a head count and name roll call at their designated meeting point.
  • Our Team Members cannot release children to you whilst the fire alarm is sounding.
  • If the Fire Marshal deems the building to be unsafe or unable to re-enter, Tinies Colleagues will set up a safety check point where they will release children one at a time to the parent/guardian who dropped them off using our signing in and out system.
  • Your child will only be released back to you once they are safely in the building or signed out from the safety check point.


Tinies does not believe that a group environment is suitable for an ill child. Therefore children who are ill are not accepted into care for their welfare and to reduce the risk of infection to others. This includes high temperature, sticky eyes, and headaches.

If your child has sickness and diarrhoea, they cannot attend until they are 48 hours clear from symptoms has elapsed.

If your child has an infectious illnesses such as chicken pox, mumps, measles etc. they cannot attend even if they feel well due to the risk to others. If you are unsure whether your child is infectious you should seek medical advice.

If your child has a rash, or is suffering from a non-specific virus, they will not be accepted into care without first having received medical advice. Tinies reserves the right to refuse admission to your child temporarily on the grounds of ill health if it is likely to cause possible harm to your child or other children without discriminating against your child's rights. We use the Infection Control in Schools and Other Childcare Settings document from Public Health England for reference.

Food and drink policy 

Packed lunch/snack:

At some events, you may be asked to provide a cold packed lunch or snack; we request that all lunchboxes are in a cool bag as refrigeration facilities are not always provided. We are unable to reheat food due to food safety. Lunchboxes and any other food must be clearly labelled with your child's name. We also request that fizzy drinks, nuts and nut based products, including peanut butter are avoided at all times, due to some children having severe allergies.

Formula milk for babies:

Where applicable, you must provide provide formula milk, premade in a bottle. 

Intimate and personal care 

All Tinies Team Members are aware of and have respect for cultural or religious sensitivities related to aspects of intimate care. The Tinies Team will be expected to know how to care for children in intimate situations such as toileting and show respect for every child. Where possible your child will be encouraged to undertake as much of the procedure for themselves.

Lost or missing child 

Should your child go missing from a Tinies setting, the company procedure will be followed to make every effort to find your child quickly. If your child is not found within 5 minutes a Tinies Team Members will contact the police for assistance.


Your child may attend a Tinies setting whilst receiving medication if:

  • They have a long term medical condition and require ongoing treatment,
  • They are well and not distressed but need to complete a course of treatment,
  • Or, they are no longer infectious.

In addition to the above conditions, the first dose must have been administered at home at least 24 hours before entering care.

Only prescribed medication can be administered by a Tinies Colleague, and a Medication Form must be completed. All medication must be clearly labelled with your child's name, the name of the medicine, the dosage frequency, and storage requirements. All measuring spoons or medicine syringes must be provided.

If your child requires lifesaving medication or medicines that require technical/medical knowledge a meeting must be held with setting Manager, in advance of care being provided. At this stage, a Child Care Plan (CP) must be completed and a Call to Action Plan devised, including identifying suitable training from a health care professional. The CP will then be sent to our insurance company for approval and to instruct us if special conditions need to be implemented to accommodate your child. You will be informed of the outcome, and training will then be undertaken. We will endeavour to ensure that this process is as quick as possible to avoid any delayed starts in your child attending care. It is your responsibility to inform the Tinies Team of any changes to your child's condition and/or medication.


Certain outings will be included in the daily rate per child. Additional outings may incur an extra cost, however you will be advised of any additional costs prior to booking. All transportation booked by Tinies will comply with our insurance policy and all necessary Risk Assessments will be carried out.


Tinies may take photos of children in our care for marketing purposes, however in this instance you will be asked to sign a concent form on each occasion. Tinies Team Members may only take photos on company devices. 

If you have not given us consent to photograph your child we will make sure they do not appear in any still shots or video footage.

In order to maintain a strict photography policy, children who attend one of our settings with a mobile phone or photographic device will be required to check this in with a Team Member for safe keeping while they are in our care. These will be returned at the end of their session.

Website and Social Media 

Our website is used for the express purpose of disseminating information about the types of services we provide and allowing individuals the opportunity to communicate with us and express an interest in those services. We respect your privacy and treat your data with the greatest care based on our GDPR policy. We will not pass your details on to any third parties, should you have any questions about how data is collected and stored please refer to our Settings Privacy Policy and Setting Data Protection Policy available on our website and printable on request.


The welfare of your children is paramount and should any Tinies Colleague, parent or visitor have concerns for your child's welfare they
should speak to the setting Manager and follow the Tinies reporting procedures. These should be followed in conjunction with the Local
Authority Safeguarding Children Board to ensure your child is safeguarded from harm. If the matter relates to a member of the Tinies management team, concerns should be directed to a Tinies Director or the Local Authority Designated Safeguarding Officer.


When leaving your child you are required to sign them in and out of care. We ask that all parents comply with our procedure to safeguard your child. Please ask at your site if you would like to know the specific procedure followed.

Our systems include:

  • Password verification on collection
  • Security wrist bands for parents
  • Signature Match

Children's safety is of paramount importance and Tinies have the right to refuse collection if they are unsatisfied with the identification of the person collecting. The child will remain at the setting until contact has been made with the parent/guardian and verification agreed for the other adult to collect the child.

Suitable People 

The Tinies Team are recruited for their experience and knowledge in childcare and their ability to make children feel secure whilst having fun in a safe environment.

All of our Tinies Team Members have a current Enhanced DBS check or PVG Scheme Record for Scotland, Access NI for Northern Ireland, including confirmation of vetting form, Garda check for Republic of Ireland, References and copies of qualifications have been viewed. In Scotland, staff are required to be SSSC registered.

At each of our settings we follow the legal requirements when it comes to the number of staff who hold valid Paediatric First Aid qualifications. Where possible we will exceed this number.

Sun protection 

We actively encourage protection of children against the sun and request that every child attending a setting where children have the opportunity to play outside brings a hat, preferably with neck protection and lightweight clothing with either a full sleeve or short sleeve. Sandals, flip-flops and other open toed shoes are not allowed to be worn. Please either apply sun protection cream to your child's skin or bring your child's own sun cream on the day, and provide permission on the child's registration form for this to be applied by the child with assistance if required by a member of the Tinies Team before playing outside in the summer months.

Children who do not have adequate protection will not be allowed to play outside to protect them from the harmful rays.

Adverse Weather and Early Closures Policy 

We take the safety of your children very seriously, and put in every effort to keep the setting safe for everyone. Unfortunately, there are times when we may take the decision to close a crèche, however, this decision will not be taken lightly.

Should we need to close a crèche due to an incident such as flooding or due to inclement weather (such as snow or excessive heat), we will send out an email communication to parents/guardians at the earliest possible moment. We will follow this up with a phone call, where we will leave a message if we are unable to reach you.


In our crèches, you must provide a bag which contains nappy supplies to last the whole session. Tinies Team Members will only use what is in your child's bag and do not hold an additional stock of nappies and wet wipes. All children will be changed in a nappy changing area and hygiene standards are followed at all times. We ask that your child arrives at the setting in a clean and dry nappy.

If your child is being toilet trained, we ask that you provide spares clothes.

Uncollected child 

In the event that you fail to collect your child from our care at the designated time, the Tinies Team will follow the company procedure to make every effort to contact you and keep your child entertained and safe until the situation is resolved.

If we are unable to contact you within a reasonable period of time, we will attempt to contact the listed emergency
contact. If they are unreachable, we will be left with no option but to contact the police due to our duty of care
to your child.

Data Protection and Consent to Process Data 

Tinies will collect your personal data (which may include sensitive personal data) and will process your personal data for the purposes of providing you with childcare Services. Without this data, we are unable to care for your child.Under UK Data Protection Law, Tinies are obliged to share with you details of how we collect and use your data, as well as giving information on all your data rights. To access this information, please go to the Tinies Privacy Notice and Tinies Data Protection Policy held on our website or request a copy onsite.

Providing feedback 

Tinies welcomes comments, both positive and negative, from those using our crèches as it provides valuable information to helps us continually improve our service. If you have queries or concerns or cause for complaint of any nature, please speak to the Crèche Manager in the first instance. If the matter is not resolved, please contact the Tinies Franchise Owner (List of Franchises). Many concerns, both administrative or in terms of quality of service, can be dealt with or explained immediately. However the complaint is made, it is Tinies procedure to record the complaint and notify the you of any outcomes within 48 hours if possible, For complaints that need further investigation, we commit to responding within 28 days of having received the complaint. If the matter cannot be resolved by the Franchise Owner, please feel free to contact our Head Office, details listed below. If you prefer, complaints can be made directly to the local Regulatory Body:

Head Office

Tinies Childcare
593-599 Fulham Road
London SW6 5UA
Tel: 020 3872 9697
Email: [email protected]

Ofsted (England)

The National Complaints Team,
Piccadilly Gate,
Store Street,
Manchester M1 2WD
Tel: 0300 123 3153
Email: [email protected]

CIW (Wales)

Care Inspectorate Wales,
Welsh Government,
Rhydycar Business Park,
Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1UZ
Tel: 0300 7900126
Email: [email protected]

Republic of Ireland - Tusla

Early Years Inspectorate
Tusla Child and Family Office
Unit 4 & 5 Nexus Building
Blanchardstown Corporate Park
Ballycoolin Road
Dublin 15
Tel: +353 1 647 3000

SCSWIS (Scotland)

Care Inspectorate,
11 Riverside Drive,
Dundee DD1 4NY
Tel:    0345 6009527
Email: [email protected]

Northern Ireland HSC

Department of HSC Social Care Trust,
Everton Complex,
585-587 Crumlin Road,
Belfast BT14 7GB
Tel: 028 90520500

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Just to say all of your Tinies staff were fantastic and the crèche was excellent on our wedding day. It wasn't an easy job to do, particularly the meal - always challenging when you have a bunch of 4 year olds to look after. But your staff coped magnificently and it all went very well. The babysitters on the night before our wedding were also very good, as was our dedicated nanny for the day. Thank you very much for organising everything, we will happily recommend Tinies crèches.
E. Robb, Cliveden Hotel, Berkshire, Wedding Crèche