Event Nannies

Worried about the tiny guests disrupting that wedding speech? Our event nannies provide welcome relief and keep children entertained throughout any occasion

Event Nannies

How can event nannies support your next event?

From arts and crafts tables to treasure hunts, your most important guests will never be bored. At Tinies Childcare, we have worked with a number of families who require childcare for their special event, sometimes a full mobile crèche isn't what you need, but the extra help is still paramount to the day going off without a hitch.

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Providing an event nanny for your special occasion is an affordable alternative.

Event nannies are charged at a set fee, and with the exception of insurance, there are no additional costs. The main aim of an event nanny is to provide activities and entertainment for children while the adults enjoy the occasion. Event nannies are an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands, so the activities take place in the same room/area as the adult festivities.

With the largest pool of childcarers in the UK (50,000 and counting) we hire the best nannies and we'll only put forward the most suitable childcarers for your event.

Do event nannies bring equipment?

Clients are asked to either provide toys or ask the children to bring along their favourite activities. Our event nannies do not carry equipment or toys unless this has been discussed in advance. Some parents will opt for the nannies to arrive with some activities for an extra cost. Those hosting the event, or the parents of the children attending, will need to provide practical items such as food, drink, nappies, etc.

All we require from each parent is a completed child registration form so that the nanny in charge is fully informed about their likes, dislikes and any medical conditions they need to be aware of, enabling them to give each individual child the best care possible.

Peace of mind for parents

Safety is always our first concern, so we personally interview and vet all of our event nannies. We will only put forward nannies we think are suitable for your special occasion. DBS and PVG checks, references, ID checks, and qualification verifications are all part of our nanny vetting processes.

"Tinies fills you with confidence that they can find the perfect nanny for your needs - even when given a very tight deadline." Parent - Sally

What kinds of activities do event nannies provide?

The kinds of activities hosted by event nannies are endless, and depend mainly on the space available, the number of children attending and the ages of those children. They can run activities such as:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Book corners
  • Sporting challenges
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Games Areas
  • The list goes on...

Why Would I Choose Event Nannies?

Sometimes a full crèche takes up too much space or there aren't enough children to warrant the set up and running costs - but having an area where the children can escape to while the adults enjoy the festivities can help them when they need to burn off steam, or chill out for a few minutes when the event becomes overwhelming. This option also means parents can keep an eye on the little ones, and know what they are up to at the same time. A great option if you have lots of outdoor space or a period of time during the festivities that you know it would be helpful to have the little guests entertained.


What next?

If you have an upcoming event that you are considering childcare for, one of our consultants can help. Simply give your local Tinies a call or fill in the form below and we'll get back to you to discuss all of the options.

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We have used Tinies at many of our weddings and have always been very impressed by their crèches. They put so much thought into ensuring the kids have a great time and are kept safe, the room is transformed into a fun zone and looks fabulous. I would highly recommend Tinies crèches to anyone considering a crèche for their wedding or event.
Kathryn Lloyd, Wedding Designer, Wedding Crèches