Case Study: Bespoke Childcare for HMP Addiewall Scotland

Case Study (Bespoke Childcare Package): HMP Addiewall Scotland

Bespoke childcare solutions help prisoners interact wiht their children

The Brief

Tinies Crèches provides staff for the visits hall play area. The play area is located in the visits hall within the prison of HMP Addiewell. Tinies Staff provide play workers within the play area to engage children in arts and crafts, story time, games and quite playing. This is to allow adults to converse while visiting an inmate. During the weekends there are bonded visits where some children and their fathers are allowed 1 to 1 and a half hours of close contact visits which are supervised. Tinies staff help both the prisoner and the child engage in various activities to allow them to bond.

During visit times security is very high and the play workers have to be very imaginative as the use of things like scissors, play dough, and glue are not allowed.

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Each staff member wears a blue tabard to allow them to be identified from prisoners and visitors. Each play area member has been trained to allow them to deal with any situation that may arise within the prison environment.

Our play workers need to be very intuitive, kind, understanding and knowledgeable due to the nature of the play area. Each child has different needs and abilities and a great deal of the children who are visiting in the prison are unaware of where they are. They also have to come to terms with temporarily losing a parent and this can cause challenging behaviour issues which parents often need help and advice about. Each play worker has first aid training and must be trained to a level of SVQ1.

Play workers are responsible for ordering arts and crafts equipment as well as nappies and wipes.

The Process

During visiting time within the prison there can be varying amounts of children of all ages. The ages of children range from new-born to 12 years old. There is also a teenage area within the visit hall which is more specific to their age group. Activities included:

  •  Card Making
  •  Healthy eating
  •  Drawing
  •  Games
  •  Painting
  •  Easter/Christmas decorations and cards


The Offering

We provide cover in the play area on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week of the year. We ensure that 2 members of staff are available for each visit session on these days. 2 members of staff must work together for security reasons.

Bespoke childcare package

The Feedback

"Professional, dedicated and hard-working play workers are provided on a weekly basis to HMP Addiewell. Tinies have provided us with a professional and friendly service over the 3 year contract." K Manual

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quotation mark
Tinies really did make our day and I would recommend your services to anybody else in a heartbeat. We have just landed home after a truly amazing couple of days at Cain Manor and I can honestly say that one of the things that really made our day was the work your team put in.

You understood our vision so perfectly and did such an incredible job; we just can't thank you enough. Without exception, the parents were just blown away by how easily you engaged the children from the minute you arrived and continued to do so throughout the day. The team were so lovely that the children just gravitated towards them instantly!

The measure of this was that Lottie (my bridesmaid and best friend's daughter who normally refuses to leave her Mum's hip if she's anywhere within a 2 mile radius!) actually went off with you! Please don't underestimate what an incredible achievement that was! I know you're all professionals and are therefore really good at knowing how to win the little ones over but Lottie is a particularly difficult customer.

I just want to thank you all so much.
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