Case Study: Mobile Crèche for a Borough Council

Case Study (Mobile Crèche): Halton Borough Council, Cheshire

Mobile Creche for children while parents take courses

The Brief

Tinies Crèches to provide Halton Borough Council Family Learning with Mobile Crèche facilities to support thier training programme. The idea is to provide a good quality crèche provision for parents enrolled on Family Learning programmes, in schools and community venues throughout Halton on an annual basis.

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The Process

The childcare facility enables parents to access training offered by the Family Learning service. Children attending have the opportunity to become independent and the foundations to be a competent learner.

Tinies North West provide a high quality mobile crèche service supporting children aged 0 - 4 years whose parents / carers are enrolled on and attending an adult learning class delivered by Halton Family Learning Service. Each crèche is supervised by a suitably qualified and experienced crèche leader and supported by one or two crèche assistants - dependent on staff to child ratios (under Ofsted guidelines).

Activities for the children are varied, age appropriate, safe, stimulating and encourage pre-school learning. Activities vary and incorporate the Every Child Matters Ethos.

The Offering

Tinies Crèches met with Halton Borough Council's Adult and Family Learning Curriculum Manager and agreed to offer between 10 and 12 crèche sessions per week over an academic year. Each term delivery takes place in different schools and community venues across Widnes and Runcorn. An area co-ordinator is in place to oversee the day to day organisation of the provision.

Each venue is risk assessed and all documentation is in place. Tinies have a team of trained staff who carry mobile kits to the venues and offer a wide range of exciting and stimulating activities to groups of children whilst their parents study. We offer excellent equipment and resources and each session is planned out in advance to ensure a variety of provision.

Tinies also provide monitoring data on a termly basis for audit purposes and evaluate the provision on an on-going basis.

The Feedback

"Thank you for all your hard work this term and please pass on my thanks to the team." Louise Faint - Adult and Family Learning Curriculum Manager

"The staff at the crèches are all very helpful, my little one had never been left before so I was very nervous but they were great, really knowledgeable and I never had a problem. I would not have been able to complete my course without them - 5/5 every time!"
Parent using the facility

"The provision is always very professional and the staff in the crèche have enabled the school to reach some new families and attract them into family learning; a very valuable resource to us". Headmaster at Runcorn School

Childcare provided for parents while they attend classes.

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Tinies really did make our day and I would recommend your services to anybody else in a heartbeat. We have just landed home after a truly amazing couple of days at Cain Manor and I can honestly say that one of the things that really made our day was the work your team put in.

You understood our vision so perfectly and did such an incredible job; we just can't thank you enough. Without exception, the parents were just blown away by how easily you engaged the children from the minute you arrived and continued to do so throughout the day. The team were so lovely that the children just gravitated towards them instantly!

The measure of this was that Lottie (my bridesmaid and best friend's daughter who normally refuses to leave her Mum's hip if she's anywhere within a 2 mile radius!) actually went off with you! Please don't underestimate what an incredible achievement that was! I know you're all professionals and are therefore really good at knowing how to win the little ones over but Lottie is a particularly difficult customer.

I just want to thank you all so much.
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