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We'll take care of the little smiles at your wedding or event with a mobile crèche or nanny.

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Find a Babysitter

Tinies childcare agencies provide a trusted local babysitting service to parents in London and all across the UK

Babysitting typically covers the temporary care of a child or children,  usually in the evening, when the parents have a social engagement.

If you're wondering how to find the ideal babysitter near you, look no further. We offer babysitting services to help parents find childcarers throughout the UK, either those looking for a regular babysitter or a one-off.

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Find a local babysitter you can trust

We pride ourselves on the quality of babysitters that we provide. Finding the right babysitter can be a daunting task. Using a childcare agency ensures all the proper checks take place, for your peace of mind.

Tinies babysitting services for parents - since 1975

Whether you want a babysitter for an evening, or are arranging a special event, Tinies can help. Please get in touch if you'd like to speak to us about finding local babysitter for your family. There's absolutely no obligation.

Tinies babysitters are vetted and interviewed

As a leading childcare recruitment agency in the UK, we have a wide range of babysitters who work for us, and they are all usedTinies has been supplying professional babysitters for more than 45 years. We tend to use regular babysitters who are well known to us.

As a leading childcare recruitment agency in the UK, we have a wide range of childcarers who work for us, and they are all used to coming to a new home and caring for children they have just met.

We can find a babysitter near you whose experience and qualifications match your needs - full-time, part-time, anytime. For your peace of mind, we personally vet and interview all our Tinies babysitters. to coming to a new home and caring for children whom they have just met.

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Recommended age of babysitters

The NSPCC recommends that babysitters should be older than 16 years of age. A babysitter below the age of 16 cannot be charged with neglect or ill-treatment of children in their care.

If you're not using a babysitting agency...

Here are some valuable tips for interviewing babysitters:

  • Have you had any other babysitting jobs before? If so, how old were the children and over what period of time (and/or how often) did you babysit for them?
  • Have you completed any babysitter training, first aid, or childcare qualification courses?
  • What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or other jobs?
  • How do your parents feel about your babysitting jobs?
  • What do you like best about babysitting and being with children? What do you like least?
  • What is the most challenging situation you have encountered whilst babysitting children? How did you handle it?


Tinies offers the best childcare services near you.

Find Local Babysitters - Send us your Requirements


Hiring a nanny yourself?

We can run all the essential checks for your new nanny.

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You made things so much easier at what could have been a bit of a stressful time finding childcare. Instead we had a great build up and a fantastic weekend.
Clarissa, Wiltshire