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Tinies is not an au pair agency and does not find au pairs or childminders for families in the UK. Below is a little information if you are considering these childcare options.

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What are Au pairs in the UK  

An au pair is typically a national from either a European country or from a country outside of the EEA. He or she is normally aged 17-27 and comes over to England primarily to learn English.

There are many reasons why families choose to live with a live-in au pair. For some, it's more affordable than a professional childminder or nannies. For others, it's about having someone who can become part of the family and provide flexible childcare that fits their lifestyle.

An au pair lives with a family

And in return for board and lodging and a small allowance she does a mixture of childcare and light housework.

Live-in au pair must be given the opportunity to study and should only work a maximum of 25 hours a week. And should be paid an allowance in the region of £50-150. The live-in au pair must not be left in sole charge of children for long periods of time.

AU Pair vs Nanny

Au pairs and nannies are both great childcare options for families. However, some key differences exist when deciding which is best for you.

Au pairs are typically young adults (17-27) from Europe or outside the EEA who travel to the UK in order to study the language. Au pairs usually stay with a family for 6-12 months and are often seen as an extension of the family. This makes them ideal for providing flexible childcare that fits the parents' lifestyle. Au pairs may also offer affordable help around the home.

Nannies, on the other hand, are usually more experienced in childcare and often have professional childcare qualifications. Nannies can provide guidance and support to children of all ages, but they tend to be more expensive than au pairs due to their higher level of experience. They are also available for long-term or permanent positions, making them an excellent choice for families who need consistent childcare.

School aged children

The live-in au pairs should only look after children of school age, or at the most 3 years upwards. Most au pairs are very young and have little experience as childcarers.

How to Find/Hire an Au Pair in the UK

Tinies does not provide au pairs, but they can be obtained through au pair agencies. Sometimes it takes longer to find an au pair, particularly if she is still in her home country.

Childminders in the UK 

A Childminder is someone who looks after children in their own home. A childminder can work part time or full time. Whilst standards vary, lists of registered childminders are available from your local Family's Information Service.

Registered childminders

Part time and full time childminders must be registered by Ofsted and therefore you can ask to see a copy of their latest Ofsted inspection or report. Childminders in Scotland must be regulated by the Care Inspectorate.

Registered childminders work from home

Most childminders work in their own homes, sometimes with a partner or assistant. They tend to have their own children, and look after other people's children as well. Childminders are self-employed and negotiate a fee with parents for the service they provide.

Registered childminders must have had basic training and hold Public Liability Insurance. For more information visit PACEY.

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