Before and After School Childcare

After school care is one of the most popular childcare jobs

After School Childcare is where families need help getting children off to school and getting them picked up at the end of the day, with the childcarer providing help with homework, as well as doing the tea and bedtime until the parents get back from work.

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Finding the right before or after school childcare

Before School Care and After School Care are some of the hardest positions to fill. You should give yourself plenty of time to find the right person.

Tinies can often help, but if we cannot, we can recommend alternatives, such as childminders or nanny shares.

Nanny help in the school holidays

If you are struggling to cope during the holidays due to work commitments, then why not hire a temporary nanny for part or all of the school holidays?

Our holiday nannies are used to joining a household for short term bookings, and making the most of the days off school. And you can even take your temporary nanny on holiday with you, as an extra pair of hands.

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Our temporary nanny was very professional and courteous and you could see she had experience in dealing with children. I was very impressed
Bruce, North London