Bilingual Nannies

Tinies can help you find a bilingual nanny for your family

We have many families register with us who are looking for a bilingual nanny. Often this is due to one or both parents speaking a foreign language.

Your local Tinies agency will help you to find and hire a nanny that best suits your family's needs.

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Looking for a bilingual nanny?

A bilingual nanny can be very useful where English is not the first language of the family, and so it helps if the nanny can speak the dominant language of the family.

We also have families who want the nanny to be primarily an English speaker, with an understanding of another language, because the family want their children to grow up understanding and speaking English well.

Are bilingual nannies harder to find?

Bilingual nannies are not necessarily common, and therefore we do recommend that you give yourself more time to find a bilingual nanny.

When you register with Tinies, please let us know what languages you speak at home, and any other childcare requirements.

Knowing your local childcare market well, our local nanny agencies are perfectly placed to advise you AND find the bilingual nanny, or other childcare solution that you're looking for.

Find a bilingual nanny when living overseas

If you're living abroad and looking for a bilingual nanny, you can find more information about hiring a British nanny through our dedicated Tinies International Placements branch.

Send us your childcare requirements to find a bilingual nanny


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Thanks so much Tinies for all your help, you have been fantastic and I will definitely recommend you to all nannies and any families. You have been wonderful, thanks so much.
Michelle, Suffolk